What purpose do the giant sugar leaves serve

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

A question for you guys. If I’m giving my plants what they need as far as nuts go, what purpose do the giant sugar leaves serve. Should I clip them or leave them. There as big as my hand, and blocking tons of light. These are basically the first set of leaves the plant started. Clip or leave alone. Thanks a ton.

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Leaves collect light for the plant, they cant be blocking light, as your plant doesnt compete for light with itself. If its blocking light to another plant sure,

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Tuck or bend them out of the way. Do not cut. Like solar panels.

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The huge ones are fan leaves and they’re super important for collecting energy from the sun. They are your solar panels and imo shouldn’t be removed unless necessary for light or air flow. The smaller leaves are the ‘sugar’ leaves that will add to the potency and amount of thc at harvest. You want to keep those.

Like @bruinsfan33 said, training or tucking them out of the way is usually a better way of dealing with them.