What pots to use

Question from a fellow grower:

I do have a large clay flower ( 18" X 18" ) . I have a large walk in closet
and it will be easy to control heat, humidity with one of those little
humidifiers and lighting.

Want to know what is the smallest pot I can use " I propagate jade plants
and they need, depending on size, very small pots because they have root balls
and like to be very confined ya know. Smaller the better, Could plant more but
don’t want to have a negative effect.

So what size pot, humidity, and lighting should I use and time frames and
or number of hours a day, ya know. . also temperature.
Jades go dormant in winter and like real different conditions. I can
control all. And is regular potting soil ok. Again Jade like loose sandy soil so
I mix my own and could do same for product.

Jade plants? is this a cannabis strain? if not think you may be in wrong place I haven’t heard of too many cannabis strains that go dormant in winter most flower then die :wink:

Marijuana will grow in any container - now about yields - are directly infulenced by the size of your container