What pot size for indoor?

I have used 5 gal for photos . But now I’m experimenting with 12 gallon pots but I’m trying to get 1lb per plant


I think this will work out for you :wink:
Iam an outdoor guy, but I still have a few plants in pots in my garden…
I dont use anything smaller for photos than 20 gal…
It would probably be a waste of time…
Anyway, got a lot of respect for you indoor guys, I cant imagine all that hassle…, but I guess it is fun too…
Happy growing !


I love it. It is a learning curve that is for sure. I just got 10.2 oz off 1 plant in a 5 gallon bucket but I know I can get more

i use 2 7 gallon air pots combined into a 14 gal pot i have 16 of those in a 10’ x 20’ x 11’ high grow room under 14 spider farmer 4000w lights and 8 led bar lights in the corners of the ceiling as supplemental lights just to make sure lights getting everywhere, and my experience with mainlining in these doubled size pots is an insane change from my usual 7 gallon pots


You might want to check your lights i got 2 600w and then 2 288qb running together and i clear like 550 grams of wet bud trimmed weight a plant in 5 gallon air pots i have not broken 600 grams yet got close with 589 once this is in a 4x4x6.5 grow tent


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To start, don’t go larger than 2 liter container. Tou can start them in 12oz foam cups. Foam is better than plastic for aeration. Transplant only once if you start in a medium 2 liter container, rule of thumb do this when a several leaves pass the container. Keep container uniform, not too wide and shallow for example. Once in final container, you don’t need larger than a 26 liter container. The small blue recycle bins at the dollar store for 4 dollars each work best. They are nice and deep, perfect for the final stage. Drill big half inch holes all around and very little soil compaction watch your plant grow like a bean stock. When transplanting, tip your plants upside down in between your finger tips, it will slide out of the container make sure u do this when soil is not too dry! Otherwise it may all break apart. Usually, I do my final transplant around 2 weeks into growth 3 weeks max. But these Kong grow super fast, I’m able to sometimes harvest as early as 5 weeks flowering with 4 ounce or more. I’m currently growing 4 kings and the genetics of one of them already has over 4 ounces in just one month and I’m expecting this one will get over 10 ounces in only 750w lights fluorescent and LEDs side lights as well.

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Those are pretty leggy and stretching out alot it looks like do you have airy or larfy buds ?

okay lol just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

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They are kongs, my very bottom branches can get over 4 feet. Outside I’ve seen someone else grow one even bigger. 1 branch in my situation can yield up to an ounce of flower, dried. The one in that pic is one of 4. The one you see turned out to be major hermie which has mostly to do with what happened to the seed genetics and a bit to do with stressors such as poor soul used as I warned the person who bought it for me not to buy the cheapest stuff. My preferred medium is root farm hydro mix. It’s just that, the medium dries so fast I have to water every 2 days where the miracle grow all purpose bag holds it a bit longer even when bigger. But the really cheap miracle grow bags, like the nature care stuff has given nutrient aeration and knat problems which are moderate in population as I control it well. Tge airy buds are because 2 reasons. That pic is only 4 weeks flowering and for that plant the buds as you can see are still very undeveloped. The second reason is there was mass seeding at the bottom buds all the way to around 3 quarters up. The plants further down are less pollinated because I check very thoroughly. The only reason I am keeping them is because there’s enough unpollenated or hardly pollinated flowers at the top quarter which is where most of my lights are. Another reason for the stress, not only the poor cheap soil, but also the fact there should only be 2 plants in here and because there’s 4, they are bunched up. I do very soft training and this is why sometimes my seed is able to be finish sooner than this one will be because the harder the training, the more you slow the plant. I do training such as side lights, dropping into flowering usually before half height to ceiling which is why only this one is the only that is really pressed to the ceiling which is another form of training I’ve used many times. The flowering for this strain is usually up to 8 weeks and I’m still only around 5 weeks now. I’ve harvested up to 8 ounce per plant,
4 plants, 1100w. 20200618_071356|375x500

, the pics of this post was taken today.

By the way, hermies can still get you just as potent flowers. I’ve had many easily manageable hermies where only a couple or a few balls were ever made. I took a big risk with the one I showed you and I would have chopped it by now if it wasn’t for still many ounces of clean flowers at the top which are now starting to fill in nicely.

Sorry I couldn’t share better pictures. This is the best I could do. I have to ninja crawl when watering this forest. Next time I will not push them away from the wall so much when they grow. This time I gave them a bit too much freedom.

I set my ph at 6 in tub. As in only a matter off hours it goes up to the rite ph. Never over 6.5 and never under 6 ph. Mabe try changing your ph.

I got 4 photos indoor in a 100 gallon grow pot, 48x48x80 grow tent and a 3000 watt bestva on it.
This is my first grow.

@CobbWoW Pretty sure you meant to say a 10 gal grow pot right? Not a 100 gal grow pot.

But anyway my final inside grow bag is a 3 gal. They came today in the mail.
6-18-20 Now tomorrow I will be getting the soil for them.

It’s not a typo just a regret… I mean I’m sure I can get deep roots but idk. I read too much into root importance and not enough on development. So I have 4 bushy plants in one huge pot. I got it because of its height.
Learning a lot about supercropping.

I have run 20 gallon soil pots indoors in a 48x96x78 for a couple grows, averaging around 8-9 oz. 2 plants take up the whole tent.I veg for around 7-8 weeks depending on size then LST to control stretch during flower.Thinking about going with 10 gallon pots and more plants to see if I can eliminate wasted area around the middle and edges without crowding.Been using seeds from a dispensary out of state,will be using ILGM GSC Extreme,LSD,Critical Mass and Blueberry CBD this next grow so am looking to improve yields.I run two of these tents so looking for at least 4 pounds if I do it right.

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@CobbWoW holy crap dude :rofl: check me out on instagram for some good tips and tricks justjustingrowing on instagram and my youtube channel with my sponsored grow starts September 15th/2020

5gal pots for 4x4 tent
10gal pots for 5x5 tents and up


@justjustingrowing dude just checked out your YouTube channel. Killing it bro. Very nice indeed. Are you growing those 12 in the one tent?