What pot size for indoor?

A question from a fellow grower:

what sized pots would be good for my plants indoors?


Well there isn’t anything we can say do to lack of information.

1.) Grow space very important.

2.) What strain are you going to grow
Different strains different sizes.

Item sure everyone here would be more than happy, but we do need more info.

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I like to use 1 gallon for veg, and transplant to 3 gallon for flower. There is a new trend of everyone trying to use 5 gallon pots inside, but I feel that is too big. If you feel that your plant is outgrowing the 3 gallon pot, then perhaps yo u could re-pot to a 5 gallon. It always comes down to what you choose to do in learning and developing your own grow methods. :slight_smile:

Starting plants in a large container does not increase yield, because 1.2 the medium is above the roots and wasted space.


I’ve been told to use 15-20 gal pots for my girls, big root mass, big yield?? I’ve experimented with pots from 1 gal in a SOG setup, to using 3-7 gal pots with various veg times, then spaced under my 1000W HPS to bloom. I ended up with smaller plants and accordingly smaller yields. But I don’t seem to get the nice big colas I got from big pots, ($$ lots of dirt $$), when I first started growing. Could it be I’m doing something wrong with the smaller pots?
Indoor grow - 8x12x10 enclosed room
1 - 1000W HPS
1 - 400W HPS
Nutes - Nectar for the Gods - organic
Growing in soil/coco - ph 6.8
Nute solution ph - 6.4-6.8

would like to hear comments :smile:

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I have the same problem. I use 3 gal buckets.
Next grow main-lining will be in 5 gal smart pots now maybe just maybe I’ll get bigger plant s for bigger yield. They say the roots get more air.

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I’m useing 5 gal. For my indoor grow I need more light on mine but I have heat problems so I have to use cfl.

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That’s my biggest problem…heat!!
It’s a lot better but still to high / at times,
Item going to invest in a new AC unit.

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What stands out to me is the size of your room. You do not have enough light to cover that space in order to promote big yields.

Do you actually have a 10’ ceiling? That is what I got from your measurements. So; 8x12’ room Would require at least (2) 1000w HPS. (4) lamps would be even better. Happy growing :slight_smile:

Yeah, 10 foot ceiling, something the guy that designed it for me insisted on. Great for tall sativas!
Even though the room is 8x12, it doesn’t mean I have to use it all, I keep about 6-8 plants in there now, the light covers a 4x4 area pretty nice, and I can put it anywhere I want, I’m just wondering how small a pot I can use before I sacrafice yield. :slight_smile:

Well, I answered that in an above post.

I am so happy to finally find out some information about the size of pots/containers I will need to grow a nice sized plant. I would like to hear more information on this topic.

I use 20 gallons I have a topic called “20 gallon pot rootbound” from when I rootbounded my purple urkle in it a couple months ago, pot size depends on how healthy the plant is, and how much it grows, space is super important, @latewood may definatley disagree with using them but when your plants go crazy not much you can do and i can’t even grow in a 5 gallon pot/bucket without rootbounding it and it wanting to give up

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I will say this; I re-potted my Gold Leaf femz into 5 gallon smart pots, and they are doing great. 4 of these in a 4’x4’ tent would fill that sucker up. :slight_smile:

So…I made a slight change and it is going good.


I don’t know how you guys do it lol I got the life of me can’t keep them under 20 gallon pots, have you seen that picture


It is a matter of control. As long as you apply the perfect nutrition to the plant. The roots do not need to go anywhere or search for nutrition because, you provide it for them. So you can grow a finished plant in a shorter time. IN a smaller vessel.

Bigger pots will definitely increase yield (if you have the room) but, it will also increase finishing time.

Think of a circle. Bigger pot bigger circle. Plant gets as wide as circle.

In a tent; This is something to consider. If you have an unlimited size grow area, bigger pots and longer finishing times can be worth the extra expense and effort. IN a tent or limited grow space; Air circulation and health would suffer attempting to maintain such big pots.

Happy growing :slight_smile:


Ok I can see that you make a valid point

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All in all. I still say go with what you know. If it works for you; I support it. When I think of pot size; I also consider ability for air flow. Another reason to not completely cram your grow space too tightly. :smiley:


Right I got 2 in one roon comfortably, and 3 in the other in 20 gallon pots

I use five gallon pots for photo’s and three gallon pots for auto’s.


These are four 5 gallon pots in a 3x3 tent (for a size reference). They are autos, so I don’t expect them to get huge. Next grow I am going to try three gallon, or a combination of the 2 sizes, to see which works better or if there is little difference…

Pic was taken.4 days ago… Guess it all comes down to type of plant, and space your light can cover…