What Pot Size for 5x5 tent and 4 plants

Hello guys. I’m planning to get a 5x5x7 grow tent, and am going to get 2 indica and two sativa strains. I going to use a 1200 watt hps or more idk for sure yet… What pot size each is best for my 4 strains?

Thank youu!

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Most folks go with a 5 or 7 gal pot for inside if they are photo period strains.
If they are auto flower then 5 gal will do fine.
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@Holden78. Lots of helpful folks around and we all want to see each other have successful grows. :grin::+1::v:


I use a 5 gallon bucket and I have filled them between 1/2 to 3/4 with FROF soil.

Yea I was planing to use that soil.

That soil I have had awesome luck with. Long as you flush it before you use it again. I lost a couple seeds from not flushing. Not an issue any more. :+1:

@Holden78 … Welcome to our happy community!

Best to start your plants in a nutrient free medium like coco or peat then pot up as the plant grows. This will also make it easier to prevent over watering (very common in newer growers). When you go into soil I would recommend using Fox Farms Happy Frog until you transplant into their final pot. Then use FF Ocean Forest. The reason is OF is a ‘hot’ soil and can injure or kill a young plant. The HF is much more friendly to the plant but won’t support later in flower.

@Holden78 have you grown in a 5x5 before?
I got one and thought it would be big but those girls can fill it quick. 4 photos could be a bit tight.

I have used both 5 gal and 3 gal with FFOF/Kind soil and just FFOF with nutes. I use the scrog method and have not seen much of a difference between the 3 & 5 gal. My current grow I am using all 3 gals FFOF/Kind Soil I have 6 3 gals on each side of a 4 x 8 tent so I have 6 per 4x4’.

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I would do the cloth one gallon (seed to 10 inches), then two gallons (until they are 3 feet tall), then three gallons for flowering.

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assuming your growing regular photos…5 gallon will work well. plenty of room for roots to set n grow.

Bigger pots bigger (more room for roots) roots bigger plants.
There is plenty of room for 7 gallon pots on the floor. I started with 5 gallon size and next round went with 7 gallon pots for Photos and won’t go back to smaller. If your growing Autos than 3 gallon is fine or 5 gallon.
Up to you but if you get the 7 gallon squat pots now you won’t have to buy them later because you probably will end up doing so down the road. More soil can provide a more stable more robust growing medium.
On the down side is if you use chemical fertilizers you will be using more water to do all the flushing etc. If you grow using natural organic fertilizers than that won’t be an issue in general unless you run into problems.
If you want to make this first grow really easy but some Kind Soil (super soil) and all you’ll have to do is water them through harvest without worrying much about what nutrients to use. Simple way to go with your first grow and much less BS not having to check the run off PH and PPM etc and you don’t water to run off.
Just some suggestions many roads to the same destination.

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You can fill a 5x5 tent with just 1 plant. I did fill a 4x4 with my GSC. So not hard to fill a 5x5.

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I have a dominator xxxl 8in subsystem hood and the vivosun fan and ducting will that be able to fit in a 4x4tent?

Also have 7 plants trying to determine what size of final pots to use to fit in tent have four clones three seedlings thinking putting seedlings together in a 15gall and keep the rest in a 5 of 7 for the clones options?

Slow down friend I think you would be better with half that number for a tent grow they grow at a rapid rate you’ll run into problems pretty fast

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Was growing outdoors then house was bought with short notice so was forced to move have four health good sized clones been training and three seedlings I was thinking of putting the three seedlings together in one 15 gall pay and keep the clones in a 7 or 10?

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@Vosnok. I have that same hood. :+1:
It’s 30 in x 40 in so technically yes. It will fit.
But with everything else it’s going to be too tight in a 4x4 tent.
I’m running a 1000 w mh/hps set up and 7 plants under it Is also a stretch for coverage.
I’m also using another light to give me enough
As far as a 5 or 7 gal that’s going to mean bigger plants so lots of training will be needed to keep within your space.
I’ve got 1 plant in my 15 gal and with training it’s at the 34 in across Mark.
Personally I’d do them in the 5 gal for the clones if putting in tent.
I’ve seen some folks do multiple plants in the same pot but they just seem to grow better when they have their own pot in my experience.
If you can put some back outside that would alleviate some of the space concerns.
Good luck getting things sorted. :wink::v:

Im going to grow some auto strains this year, and was wondering how much of a difference it would be to grow them in 3 gallon pots rather than 5 gallon? And FFOF is what i plan to use. Or would it be better to use a mix of (FFOF and COCO) or (FFOF and Happy Frog)?

best to have one plant each container. they will compete for light and space. can be done if you plant toward the edge. will be ok if strain is more slim profile.

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