What plants require the same soil makeup as cannabis?

My first grow was this year with photo seeds in 5 gal. pots. It’s still going and coming out fairly well but I think I may be missing out on some quantity because of the limited amount of soil in the pots. Next year I want to do an in ground grow to take advantage of the increased area. Our local county extension will do a soil sample test for a minimal fee and it consists of soil Ph, basic makeup (clay, sand, organic material, etc). The also have check boxes to indicate what plants I plan to grow that range anywhere from lawn grass, roses, shrubs, trees and such. My question is, what plant(s) require the sail soil qualities as cannabis? From my research, it seems that tomatoes are fairly close but, if someone has another suggestion I’d happy to entertain that. Thanks for any advice that you can give me.


Tomatoes and Hops both have similar needs.
Tell em you plan to grow beer ingredients.

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