What ph should I use when using a coco/peat mix such as this

Usually you would have ur ph at 5.8 to 6.2 ph

Thanks. Im watering at 6.1 but for some reason my runoff ph from today was reading at 5.14. Do you think I should add some lime to my media ? It doesnt look like there is any built up salts

Im not sure about the lime but u could try a slightly higher ph of 6.3 and see how that goes its easier to go higher in ph when watering first cause if u start to see a problem then u know all u have to do is go back to a lower ph of 6.1 ,but if you do the lime and u put to much in its harder to fix that problem if you know what i mean

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To be honest, the plant looks fine so i’m not sure if I should even mess with it. I guess if there was a problem it will definitely show on the plant.

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Thats up to you and i agree if its fine leave it alone


Here’s an older thread on the same soil you have there.
Just a lil bit more ph info for you.



Feed/water to more runoff and will probably start bringing runoff up. Make sure to pour slowly and allow for soak down through your media too instead of pouring fast and having your solution run dowm sides of pot. I like 5.8 for coco and 6.0 for promix (peat), so inline with those saying 5.8-6.0.


Hi. I’m not sure if you will see this but i’m still having the same problem. I tried doing two things to increase my runoff ph. I tried what you suggested and im watering more to runoff. I’m getting about 30% and was using ph 6.0. I also tried watering to more runoff with a ph of 6.2 but im still getting acidic runoff at 5.0-5.1. I have another plant in the same exact media and runoff is okay. measuring at 5.6-5.7. And with my other plant i tried increasing and decreasing the ph slightly and it does effect the runoff so im not sure why for this plant the runoff ph is not changing. Do you maybe have any other suggestions? The plant is green but its in flowering at the moment and I’m barely seeing any progress. the other plant with the correct runoff has pistils coming out of everywhere and its developing faster than the one with the acidic ph

Top dress with a couple tablespoons of fine dolomite lime. Make sure to spead out and work into top of pots some. If not it will clumpy and turn into concrete.

Thanks. I did this yesterday and runoff went up to 5.6 so already a huge improvement. Should I leave it for now to see if it gets higher overtime since it takes some time to fully breakdown or should I add more?

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Don’t add more right now, it should last a little while. Just keep an eye on your runoff and if you see it tanking then add more.

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I just fed it again and ph dropped to 5.27. I guess I have to add more. I put about 10g yesterday because my pot is small

Did it maybe wash away with the runoff? I had lime in small pebbles smaller than a pea but I grounded them up with a mortar and pestle until it was fine.

Nah, not that fast. Usually a tablespoon per gallon of pot size will last most of a grow. It’s usually a slow process at bringing ph up too.

do you think its best to wait a few more waterings first before I add more?

Try the pulverized lime. Very little at a time.
The beads take a long time to break down
I’m in soil but a little goes a long way
I have also mixed pulverized lime in feeding water to correct PH