What pests chew holes in leaves?

I found a couple of small holes in fan leaves, but I’m not sure what to do next. What pests actually chew holes through leaves?

  • Indoor grow in soil
  • Pineapple Express from seed
  • About 4 weeks into veg
  • only seeing evidence of this on upper leaves, no evidence on lower leaves, otherwise the plant looks healthy
  • visually I haven’t found any other clear evidence (but just might not know where to look)

Photos are from two separate fan leaves, both on top and underneath the leaves.

Sticky traps are an invaluable diagnostic tool. Personally I like the card-style, as opposed to the tape. Catch the culprits, and then we’ll figure out what they are.


@KeystoneCops very wise. I’m on it, and will report back. Thank you!

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UPDATE: 5 days with sticky traps set and I’ve caught nothing. Still waiting patiently. How long does it usually take to catch something on the sticky traps? (I would assume it varies based in amount of pests actually in the plane).

I spent a good 30 minutes today inspecting the underside of leaves with a clip-on magnifying lens. I found zero pests, dirt, or eggs. But I did find evidence of what looks like new spots.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

My first reaction is, if you can continue monitoring with the traps, and the damage remains minor, does this exceed the economic threshold? That’s to say, is the lost material worth spending money on the cure?

@KeystoneCops I agree. While I’m a bit miffed by the circumstances, and prefer to be proactive, I see no reason to change anything until there’s evidence of an actual problem. The plant still looks very healthy, and continues to grow nicely. I’ll just continue to keep an eye on the situation.

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