What part of the flowering cycle am I at

Ii have been watching my plants get all these new budsites pop up all over the plant but don’t know when these buds are going to start fattening up. anyone have some what of an idea where I’m at

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About give to ten days in to flower buddy congrats

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Good Morning @Danielsan22 Your plant looks Wonderful. It’s should be in flower for 8 to 10 weeks and they will continue to fatten up almost until they are chopped. Happy Growing :v::blush:


You’re in full flower, like @Flitme said, 8 or 10 weeks.


Nice plant , give her about 8 weeks an you will have some big fat buds.

Hey @Danielsan22 they look good. The pistils (white hairs) will turn rusty in color. May advice is to relax and wait ‘till 90+% of the white pistils turn rusty. It is very interesting to watch the trichomes through magnification, as the buds and sugar leaves plump up and start filling with cloudy heads of cannabinoids. However It will seem like forever for them to fully load up and start turning amber on the buds. You will likely see a few trichomes start to turn on the sugar leaves but slow your roll even then. You’ll still have several weeks till the bud trichomes start to go amber. When they do, it does NOT happen over night. You still have days or even weeks before they go, say 30-50% amber well into the “couch-lock” Zone.
I have a small Lemon auto flower looking almost ready to chop. I’ve put over it, a black plastic bag. When I could see some amber trichomes on some of the lower buds. Then, @36 hrs later I checked again with a magnifier… it will take another day or more to dry out a bit more in the pot. At that point I’ll likely have10-20% amber I Hope!
So your plants look healthy in EARLY flower. You may want to prune a bit to open the plant up and get light to all the flowers you want to glow “shoulders”. Also she won’t need to feed all those fan leave. The energy needs to transition to the buds.
Looking good!

Update on my grow I’m in week 2 of flower and the buds are going great!! Trichomes are slowly starting to show


looking great. now is the time to crank up your light. the plants can take 1000 ppfd

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