What opinions on how plant is doing

Anything will help and be much appreciated just bought Ak47 auto from ILGM and the sprouted bery quickly :slight_smile:

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plant looks great…10-14 days old?
the only thing,…It looks pretty moist,…just be careful with the water…it is the most common cause of infant cannabis death


About 18 days and ya i feel like last water was a little much thanks for the advice man

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Reg fem or auto? reg and fem tend to grow fast in smaller pots with multiple transplants most of plants growth is below the scenes roots if in large pot seedlings tend to grow slower as the roots hunt for the bottom of the pot and spread out I transplant several times my ladies can be watered more often in smaller pots meaning eat drink more and get more fresh water. Autos don’t take transplants well

They are auto and ya it ls my first time so i didn’t realize when i planted them