What on EARTH is this?!?


I purchased 10 Blue Dream Autoflower seeds and 10 Gold Leaf seeds.

Previously, I have always used the paper towel method for germination, but because ILGM offers germination guarantee’s, I figured it would be best to follow their germination instructions.

Because I have never done the soak method before, I have NO idea if what I’m experiencing is a “norm” for this method, or if this is something I should be concerned about.

About 24 hours after I put the seeds in water, (and put in a dark cupboard) I decided to check to see how they were doing. When I looked, I could see this weird, white substance around a couple of the seeds. It was hardly noticeable so I didnt think much of it.

Fast forward to 48 hours, and when I checked again, the “white substance” was MUCH thicker and more noticeable. It’s a gooey, slimy texture - and the seeds that it happened to, the tap root tips are black/brown, which without knowing what’s happening, is very concerning.

What are your thoughts? Is this normal? What is it? … Thanks in advance to anyone that can chime in here.

It was hard to get a good picture of it. This 1 picture was 48 hours in the water. You can see it much more clearly in the videos (Especially Video 2)

Here are a couple quick videos

Video 1 - 24 hours in water

Video 2 - 48 hours in water

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I have read similiar on this site. I will defer to the more eliquent and experienced. New at this myself.TBS, careful seed seperation and planting need to occur soon to prevent further damage to “TAP-ROOT” white-tail.

The seeds got too nuch water for too long maybe? and embryo started to rot in seed causing this.

I am one of many that put seed directly in the forever home.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE I thought the same thing and got all of the seeds in soil aside from 3 of them that still haven’t popped yet…It’s been a little over 72 hours.

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@beachglass Thanks for the input - but I can’t imagine that it was exposed to water for too long, as this developed in the first 24 hours that it was in the water. :confused:

No hurry, clean and fresh the water/paper towel for un-germinated.
You will get plenty busy with the others. Never more than 4 seeds at one time, I have learned.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE I refreshed the water in both glasses. 2 Blue Dream and 1 Gold Leaf have yet to pop.

I have 20 seeds going now, but 5 of the blue dream and 5 of the gold leaf are for a friend, but he left for a 2 week scalloping trip the day the seeds arrived lol … so I’m being a good guy and trying to get them started for him, as these are going to be grown outdoors and we are already starting late as it is haha.

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@D-HUD Welcome to the Class! Sorry your first post is under such dire conditions!! I typically pull the seeds out as soon as I see the tap root. The milky leaching is concerning and I agree you wouldn’t think rot would set in in under 72 hrs. Maybe you should contact Customer Service and see what they have to say in this regard? Good luck.

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@Fieldofdreams Thank you! I usually pull them shortly after I see tap root too. This new germination method was WAY faster than the paper towel method I have used in all of my previous grows.

The oddest thing is, I had 2 cups - 10 of each seed in each one. The reason why I wasn’t 100% completely freaked by the situation, is that it happened in both glasses. The Blue Dream Autoflower by far the worse of the two (the picture and videos were of the Blue Dream Autoflowers) so I thought there was a possibility that this was just a normal thing that happened in this germination method.

I’ll probably have to look into contacting some type of company support.


I’m assuming you’ve potted or put these in solo cups by now? I do a 24 hour soak then the wet Paper towel in a zip lock to grow the tail out or to crack stubborn seeds. I’m thinking the white film is a layer of membrane from the husk that has broken down in the water from the 48 hours soak. Always keep them in a dark place during this period, light can create bacteria of the wrong type but usually takes longer than 48 hours :love_you_gesture:

I just had a seed blow off the helmet and the tap root was over 3 inches long. I did a 18 hour soak and transferred to damp toilet paper and placed on a ziplock bag. In less than 24 hours in the damp toilet paper this happened. Its one of those you would want to clone. Since its pretty aggressive. I have been growing 4 years and 1 month. I have never had this happen before.

So she was pretty brown and I placed it in a small soil cup. She somehow survived. I took this photo yesterday. I still need to transfer to the forever home today. Then the grow will go Mach 7.5648 in less than 0.000084732 seconds.

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