What nutrients to add to Roots organic and when

I am new and any help would be great.
I am growing autoflowers, in Roots organic in 3g fabric pots.
When and what nutrient to add?
They are just sprouting roots and one is a seedling.
Is root stimulator recommended?
When to add more?
Any help would be appreciated.

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I use Roots and use Jacks321. Do you have a TDS meter? Ph meter as well???

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Yes I have both.
Please proceed.

Roots will supply all the neuts you will need till it runs out somewhere around 4/7 weeks. If you water to runoff you can test the TDS of the runoff and know when to start feeding. I feed when it drops to about 800/1000. Always keep your water in the correct ph range going in.

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Thank you!

I haven’t used Root’s products yet (I just ordered an amendment for my next plant), but they have a general feeding schedule for their products, depending on what product(s) are being used.

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Thank you I saw the schedule it’s rather complicated I thought this was an easier thing than this I may switch soil mediums but thanks again I may delve into this anyway

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I’m going to call the company today or tomorrow to help clarify what’s needed/optimized for cannabis in soil. For a future grow, I’m thinking of going with the Roots Original soil with the Terp Tea Grow and Bloom, with likely the liquid Trinity. I’m uncertain if the Terp Tea Bloom Booster and Terp Tea Microbe Charge is needed. If possible, I’d like to keep things simple without a gazillion bottles and bags. I’ll back to this thread with what I learn.

Here is what I wrote to Roots Organic, and below is their reply:

"I was wondering which soil and amendments would be good/best for growing cannabis in soil. I was thinking of the Original soil with the Terp Tea amendments, primarily the Grow and Bloom. Are those sufficient, in most cases? Would the Bloom Booster and Microbe Charge also be needed, generally, or just in special circumstances?

So, would the Original Soil with the Terp Tea and Bloom be good and more or less complete? I want to keep things simple, yet I want to have healthy plants. So, in that respect, I was also thinking of the liquid Trinity in addition to the Terp Tea products. Anything else?"

Their reply:

"All of our soil will work fantastic and is actually formulated for cannabis! So any media we have will work great. I specifically love the Original with the base of terp tea grow and bloom. We recommend using our CalMag as well and that alone will provide all you need to get through your entire grow with complete comprehensive nutrition. The additions of the trinity, bloom booster, and microbe charge will help benefit greatly but it’s not completely necessary(although we do recommend all 4 terp teas for best results)

If you are looking to keep it simple and have beautiful healthy plants with clean results you have selected a great option!

If you have any other question feel free to reach out!"