What nutrients do I use?

Hello All,
I have a question about Nutrients. I grow in a greenhouse, 25’ X 50’. I’ve used the now discontinued Advanced Nutrients “Heavy Harvest”. I am looking for something to replace it. I would appreciate some suggestions. I like the granular fertilizers because they are usually “time release” formulas. Any suggestion would really be appreciated though.
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N.E. Greenhouse Guy

I think fox farm has a granular fertilizer products , but from what I hear ILGM system is great stuff I have it but have not used it yet , but heard great things about it and massive yields.

I am a USDA grower. I have a greenhouse similar to yours. I make my own solution, for hydroponics, and soil.

It sounds like you are going to grow in a greenhouse in dirt. If so let me know; I might be able to help you out, but 1st, I must tell you; I am not a fan of time release granules, because I want all minerals available to the p[ant when it needs them. :slight_smile:

First, thank you for answering my post. Your right, I am going to grow in a greenhouse, in dirt , sorta. I grow in a mixture of Miracle Grow Garden Soil and Pro Mix, 50/50 mix. I grow in 10 gal. plastic containers. I learned that 15 gal containers are better, and I am thinking of switching next year.
As far as what nutrients to use, I’m a little at a loss. I used the Heavy Harvest (granular) by Advanced Nutrients until they discontinued the line. By the way, I also use their hydroponic products for my. indoor grow room. I thought about using that line for my greenhouse, but it is really cost prohibitive.
As far as making my own solutions, I haven’t the foggiest. I don’t have that experience.
It would really be great if you could take the time to help me out.
Thank you thank you.
N,E. Greenhouse Guy.

Interesting, since I grow all my outdoor brow bed seedlings and veggies in ProMIx BX.

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Late wood how do I make the switch from veg to flower ?

Yoshi, You should have posted in a thread about transitioning to flower, or started your own thread.

Anyway; I change the light from 19/6 to 12/12. I do nothing faNCY. in FACT; a LOT OF TIME i VEG IN A SMALLER PST 1 GALLON, AND RE-Pot (Oooops sorry about the caps) to 3 gallon and switch the light photo period. I do this to limit the size of the plant. I do this in order to make sure plants fit in the tent. :slight_smile: