What Nutrients are you using?

Hello growers!

I’m interested in reading what everyone’s using for nutrients. I switched from a hot soil mostly made up of compost and poop (bunny, seabird & bat) four grows ago.

I’m currently using General hydroponics on one set of plants and Humboldts secret on another set. Still have a lot of time, but it’s clear so far that Humboldts is out performing the GH.

Comment below on what nutrients you’re using and if you’re happy with them. Add a pic of your current grow if you wouldn’t mind. I like to try new things and believe GH will be removed from my grow spaces after this experiment wraps up so I’m looking to make a purchase in the near future eliminating GH for a recommendation.


Jacks 321 best nutrient line out of the 3 others I’ve tried. This grow I switched 2 weeks before flowering, and it made a difference just the second feeding.
Others with this line that I can think of:
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I started out using the GH flora series and I switched over to Jack’s for a more simpler routine. Since using Jack’s, I’ll never switch again unless they went out of business or something.

These plants are grown using Jack’s and have had the exact same ratio from seedling all the way to flower


I’m growing in Canna Terra Professional and the Canna-Vega & Flora for nutes. No complaints here unless clones are very young - the soil is bit hot for clones - they get over it - but lesson learned.
STill on the Vega feed - strength hasn’t changed the whole way (didn’t need the nutes for the first 6-7 weeks. :sunglasses: :v:


Thanks for the replies @Covertgrower @imSICKkid

I’ll check jacks out. Would like to hear more for the rest of the community. Wasn’t sure if users were schilling for jacks because of a deal with ILGM or something similar. If not, someone around here should contact Jacks and get a coupon code to add since you’re promoting it, might be beneficial to a grower here.


Nobody here gets any special treatment from Jacks…unfortunately lol but the ease of use, the results, and the fact that it’s the cheapest nutrient line on the market makes it great.


What’s the initial investment for Jack’s and where is the best place to get it?

No deals with Jacks. Just word of mouth that has gotten more and more to use them, myself included. Still have yet to see a complaint from anyone using it.


It was around $60 total for partA and partB (2lb bags). Then like $5 for a bag of Epsom salts.


And I wood guess 2lbs lasts a good while.

I took the harder path, and the soil is loaded
Xtreme Compost Tea
Xtreme Mykos
Xtreme Azos
aloe vera
maxicrop Kelp
Blackstrap Molasses
Neptune’s Harvest Organic Hydrolized Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer


If I recall correctly, it makes up around 400 or 500 gallons per 2lb bag. I’ll have to look into that to give you a definitive answer.


At that ratio I think it’s cheaper than my cheap homemade mix.

Ok so it’s 500 gallons for the 4lb tubs so 250 gallons for the 2lb.

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Is this the correct brand? Looks like there is a conflict on amazon where several nutrients are labeled jacks. Which is jr Peters co.

Looks to 30$’s for feed

That’s not it. Should be part A 5-12-26. Then part B is just cal nitrate which is 15-0-0. But amazon is low on both. Some are unavailable and some only have 1 bag left

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Scratch my comment - you did


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@ArmoredGoat this is the line up you’re looking for:

Looks like it was covered. lol.

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Thanks everyone

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