What nutrient deficency is causing this?

I want to understand and help, is it possible to get a better picture? It’s a little blurry. Can you describe the spots you’re referring to?

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on the blurry leaf photo theres browning right here stem meets the leaf then the leaves get very tough and it spreads up the entire branch, as you can see the stems and leaves all get brown and the leaves get crunchy ,this my first super soil grow and I have them in large fabric (smart pot)containers

……I may not have had enough moisture when cooking ?
I followed subcools version #2 perfectly and mixed everything thoughly in a kiddie pool.

had supersoil in black totes in direct sun for 8 hours a day in april and may (6 weeks) most plants did great in veg but at the transition stage I started noticing all types of issues.

at first I thought it was bud rot but it looks like a combination of a defiency and severe nutrient burn.
which I tried boosting them thinking some or all of the supersoil leeched out when they were above ground.

as I said have them in smart pots then plants got so big I got worried and dug huge holes and lowered them into the holes but I put about 10 gallons or more of supersoil into the hole because the roots were growing through the bottoms of the smart pots already.

some buds aren’t filling out much at all 3 weeks before first frost and some plants have buds the size of a pinky nail and that’s the main tops as I topped all those plants are maple leaf indica, strawberry banana , and this photo is of a blue thai I have other plants which I used a non cooking supersoil and those plants are doing great.
here’s more picture that are not blurry of the leaf off same blue thia

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does the last photo help more ?

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whats the pH?

6.1 is nutrient solution ph when I do add extra. I also use rainwater
I have a soil ph spear that says the soil ph is 7.0 but its a cheap meter

6.1 seems a little low for soil. I would do a soil slurry pH test.

I do it at 6.1 because the soils at 7 so my thinking is it should make the root area about half way In between 6.1 and 7…say roughly 6.5

How do I do a slurry test if there in the ground?

I ordered a better ph pen…from bluelab…blue lab and I have their conductivity pen to.

Im not use to the conductivity pen yet,

How do you compensate if the ppm of the blue lab pen is 500 and the nutrients are 700 ppm

What cause this that I circled in yellow because a lot of leaves have this then they get leathery and then eventually dry out, and the buds never develop over the size of pencil eraser and they look sickly and yellowish /light on the buds.

I left more clearer photos on the site of the issues,
Any help would be appreciated
It’s affecting all plant to varying degree now.

To me this looks like bud rot, but it’s all over the plant.
@Myfriendis410 @Oldguy

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There’s purpling but there’s also mold / bud rot it looks like to me.
If the soil was too hot and the plants got a bit burned from the extra nutes then that would explain the crispy leaves.
That would also set the stage for mold and fungus to set in.

With the blue lab ec pen there’s a mode switch that you can scroll thru and set to ppm 500 scale , 700 scale and ec.


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The upper buds feel rubbery when I squeeze them.