WHAT NOW? wider?

This is my gorilla glue auto, about 3.5 weeks old.
What should I do to the plant at this point? I see where people trim off the top to get it to grow wide instead of tall, which sounds good.
Any advice appreciated.

Looks pretty good to me other than maybe a little on small side for age. Topping autos is tricky, and you probably missed window to be successful in doing so. I would probably let it grow for now. If it continued to remain in veg you could maybe institute some low stress training methods.

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Like @dbrn32 stated. A little small for 3.5 weeks and pre-flowering will start around week 4. I would start trueing down the side branches to just to help with some width and expose some lower bud sites that’ll get shaded from the main stalk. You’re going to have 1 giant main cola since you didn’t get the chance to top. Might want to stick a piece of bamboo or a thin pole up the side of the main for support down the road. @dbrn32 has you covered.

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Bend it over just above the first set of true single leaves make sure not to snap the main u bend. Slow and easy tie the top point down to the leave of the rest of tge stems poking up and all the bottom growth will grow up with the rest of the plant. As time goes and she grow ull have to keep the whole middle a bit spread open for airflow but bending over will give u alot more solid colas at the end.

Similar like this but u dont have to tie down every branch spread out like i did im trying to fill a scrog net inside but basic same ideas without a net the lower growth gets more sun and grows better

Plant looks healthy, how many hours of sun ?

I put it outside right after it sprouted indoors, so it’s outside 24/7 in a large pot with Happy Frog.
Temp started out no more than 70f. Then we hit a week of 90f. Memorial weekend cooled down and rained. I have a plant dome I’ll place over it to protect from cooler nights and rain.