What next should I harvest?

This is my first windowsill bagseed grow so don’t know what I’m doing but enjoying the process, do you think it’s ready to harvest?

Also really strong lemon smell any idea what strain it is ?

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Not an expert here but you have quite a few weeks left. Looking great though! Happy growing!

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A lot of white pistols so a ways to go yet. The waiting is the hardest part…

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Thank you :blush:

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Definitely have some time left. You’ll need a jeweler’s loupe or magnifier to really determine when she’s ready.

As far as determining strain… She looks like a hybrid, by the leaf shape, but I doubt anyone will be able to get more specific than that.

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Thanks lovely lemony smell also can’t believe how well she grew

Thanks delighted with her , have another that’s half the size but much stronger skunk smell That I was going to get rid of as wasn’t doing well but now has a few buds on so will start 12/12 now

It sure is :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you. You have some time :slight_smile:, nice looking girl you got, great job!

Hi zee
Thank you should I cut some of the fan leaves off ?

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Welcome. No, looks like most of your fan leaves are supporting bud sites, you would harm the new growth if you did.

I can’t really see the bottom 1/3 of your girl, but if you have yellow leaves, or fan leaves not supporting bud sites, cut em :slight_smile: