What Mycorrhizae should i get for autoflower? or not?

Growing outdoor white widoes and wondering what mycorrhizae i should get.

there are a lot of options and im not finding good sources of information on it.

some people are saying dont use Trichoderma others say it is good

everyones saying **great white **

but im looking at this brand because its organic options with trichoderma and not





what did you look for in a mycorrhizae??

I picked up this from my local grow store here in vegas
Best hydroponics the owners Bo and Drew are just great and Bo suggested it to me


A few people here use the micogrow and love it

omri listed too.

looks good

is that a one time use when you plant the seed or do you water it in?

You can water it in or put it in your soil
I was building my super soil when I asked my grow store guy about it and he recommended it as he uses it himself
He said he was not sure about me putting it in my supersoil soil build but added that it seemed like it wouldn’t hurt

I have been using for years great stuff @Growit


@hogmaster @Growit

ive heard that you can pour some on to a freshly germinated seed and then plant it? is that enough? just like a teaspoon or so

wondering so i know how much to order

I just put a small in the hole drop bean and cover and water


how many plants would 1 pound feed?

Not sure brother

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A whole lot


I’m going to be using Piranha for my next grow. It’s organic, and contains both endo & ecto mycorrhizae.

I plan on using voodoo & tarantula, as well. My main nutes will be Earth Juice.

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Really only endo mycorrhizae is beneficial to cannabis…


Here is a good read. While the affects of mycorrhizae in no till application is completely different, using it just in soil can inhibit the growth of plants when using high ppm of phosphorous.

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Cannabis benefits from both endo & ecto.

Yes, but endomyco, way more than ecto.


Mycorrhizal Inoculants:

which are beneficial? Some products have both endo mycorrhizae and ecto-mycorrhizae listed on the label. Ecto mycorrhizae inoculum has huge spore counts with concentrations of 80 million or more per c.c. It is therefore inexpensive to add a little and report large spore counts in a product. They are however only of value to most conifers and a few hardwoods. Endo mycorrhizae forms beneficial associations with over 80% of all plants including most commercial fruit and vegetable crops (except the brassica (cabbage), chenopod (spinach and beets). Pigweed and other members of the Amaranthae family are also not able to form mycorrhizal associations.