What methods used for oxygenating water for growing in soil

Just trying to confirm methods by growers in soil for oxygenating water and temperature control, is it really beneficial? pros and cons anyone?

thanks all.

I don’t oxygenate my water, but I do use earth juice nutes bubbled with h2o for 36-48hours. I use an aquarium pump and air stones.

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Hmm i thought bubbled with h20 for 36 hours was oxygenating, do you bother with temps and i have seen they use diff coloured airstones whats the diff if any @SilentHippie @raustin

much appreciated

I let all my water sit out in the same room as the grow tent. Nutes are also bubbled and fed at room temp.
I’ve used several different kinds of air stones, since they eventually get clogged. I never noticed a difference.

Thanks heaps mate, whats your room temp?

Right now 65-75f A bit warmer in the summer.

I use straight tap water. I stick my finger in the water stream to get the temp around 70°f, then I add a few drops of dechlorinator rather than bubbling.

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So is 70degF the optimum temp for watering? we have rain water from the roof into a concrete tank, so i can use filtered tank water or straight tank water, was just wondering how much benefit oxygenated water is to the plant, just want to give the plants the best start possible as i have lost a few seedlings to common mistakes.

Thanks for the input it is always appreciated.

I don’t think 70f is the optimum temp, I just like to water at the same temp the room is so I don’t shock the plants.

How hard is your collected water? Ppm.

Have not tested for ppm just ph to 6.5 for my seedlings and just wondered if oxygentated water would help them @Donaldj but i will check the ppm today …thank you :+1: just a beginner trying to cut my losses and give my babys the best chance possible.
Ok the ppm for tank water through the tap is 76ppm and the same water but through the filter is 64 ppm and just for comparison the distilled is 3ppm.

76 is pretty good. That’s useable water. :+1:

Keep in mind that R.O water, filtered water, and distilled water are missing some nutrients. You might have to add supplements during your grow. Things like calcium or magnesium are commonly needed.

wouldn’t hurt

Thanks everyone

You gotta mix it up. Think of nature bro. Rain is t always the same temp. Don’t give it crazy temp swings but let it vary you will be fine. I let my water vary and I water with warmer water during vege and than I go slightly cooler as it gets older untill mid flower to end of flower I give it cold water and keep temps cool in temp. 60s. Recreate seasons in a tent isn’t difficult. Try to emulate nature. That’s my 2 cents :v: