What methods to use for curing your harvest


Oh the purple haze smells amazing
I haven’t tried any of it still curing


Like I said, we think alike. Do you ever get seed from other sources than ILGM?


I had a local grow buddy that had one of his super skunks herm on him and got a bunch of seeds from him
I grew two super skunks from those seeds one of which I got really experimental with and stressed her out and all she produced was seeds
The other one finished beautifully
Any way the super skunk seeds are the only seeds I have not gotten from ILGM
I also just got kicked down a bunch of buba kush regular seeds from a grower/breeder I met at the local grow store but not messing with those till I am ready to breed myself
I love ILGM solid genetics as far as purchasing seeds I will only buy from ILGM


Goodc deal.


Check out this thread @bluethumb
There is a wealth of info here on drying and curing


Check it out @FNG101v2


Wow, nice grow. Thank everyone for all the info. Its very helpful as, I’m going through harvest for the first time


Congrats on successfully finishing your grow
Taking your time drying and curing are key to having great buds.
Happy harvesting @Bambam64


What is burning?


Sorry, I meant “burning”


@Hogmaster is traveling so ill try to help you out

Burping is when you open your jars to release all the gases out of the jar that is a by product of the curing process
Formaldehyde is one of those gases
You should burp your jars at least twice a day for the first few weeks for 15-20 minuets
Its simply done by removing the lid and letting the jar air out
Should be done in a room around 55% humidity

If i can help explain more just tag me

Here a guide to also help you

Happy growing and harvesting


Hey @Jamie1234
This is a great thread for drying and curing


Thanks grow it!! I love growing. The knowledge is abundate with this awesome forum.


Well, I’m now smoking my harvest. Have let it cure, burping everyday. And man thanks for putting so much emphasis on curing. Ww af smells citrusy sticky, sweet taste,super buzz! I’m beyond happy with first grow. Thanks again y’all


The longer it cures the better it gets


That is so fascinating to me. A friend had grown outdoor for years. And never truly cured his harvest. Beyond hanging, then in brown paper bag. And he was amazed. Plus realized, with patience. It could of been way better. So we are learning more all the time from this forum


So ww af went 120 days, nice buds. In 3 gallon fabric. 3 ozs dry. Of one plant, I’m happy. Have one more going. A total freak to the rest, but I’m thinking 3 more weeks.


Any recommendations for drying in Florida. I usually grow in the winter (outside)when temp and humidity are manageable. I was running out so had to try during the summer with temps above 90 and humidity around 70%. Had to move the plant inside, but wife says smell is bad. Have about a week left till harvest, and afraid they will have to dry out in the barn. Any tips about drying in high humidity. Barn has fans, but no a/c.


@FloridaSon may be able to help you out. he grows out doors in florida as well.


Airflow will be key. Is it an enclosed or pole barn? If enclosed, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with the fans running. If its a pole barn, hang them high in the trusses.

Normally we want a slow dry in the 54-64% humidity range, but that’s with cooler temps. With the higher temps, you want a faster dry, unfortunately.

Here are my thoughts…

At harvest, do an H2O2 wash of the plants. I believe it’s 1 cup to 5 gallons of water, but @Budbrother may know the ratio better than me. He’s also from here.

After the wash, hang them for about a week. Do a final trim and manicure after that week and then place your buds in large brown paper bags. I only fill the bottom 1/3 of the bag before starting to fill another one. This allows air space for the evaporation. Twice a day I open the bag for fresh air and gently shake the bag to tumble the buds around in the fresh air. 2 weeks in the bag and you should be able to jar them for the curing process.

My buds normally only stay in the bag for a week, but that’s after a proper drying period. We adjust to work with what we’re dealt! :wink:

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