What medium I use for pots outside

Hello, I have getminated my seeds in peats and waiting for them to grow. I wNt to know what’s the best and easiest medium to use to put my peats in. I want to use pots. Can I use that coco block?? If so do I add any fertiliser?? Please help

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Sawsan, most fokes here choose Fox & Frarm.
I make my own blend of soil so I’m not up to date on there products.


@Sawsan first welcome to the community and Yep Will hit it for me I went fox farms ocean forest and didnt start adding nutrients really until flower started just about . Its the good stuff but a little hot for new seedlings for many so they start in a couple of solo cups worth of a milder soil and introduce them to fox farm at transplanting time or hollow out about a two softball size hole in the fox farm and add a milder soil to let the roots just slowly grow into the more nutrient rich medium . But for a soil grow it is hard to beat unless you mix your own like some do . Good luck and again welcome


I’m a big fan of Fox Farms I used it to and I don’t know much about Outdoors but I wouldn’t be afraid to use Miracle Grow outside

Thanks for responding but I’m still confused. At the moment my seeds are in jiffy and some have germinated, 1cm shoot. They r still in the dark and covered. Do I place the tray in the light now??? When do I put the jiffy in pots?? I was thinking of using coco medium but it has no nutrients at all and wondering if it is ok???

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Right away ! …as soon as they come up they have to have light right away, give them lite right now!

Don’t use cocoa if you growing outside, use a top soil

What @Paranorman said on lights and make sure you get the mesh off of the peat pellet before you replant it . Water with spray bottle for the first couple weeks ph 5.5 to 6.0 they will not need any nutrients until the little round leafs tha appear first start to turn yellow . Those little leafs are there as stored energy for sprouting and if you use fox farm soil you most likely wont need to fertilize at all until you start the flowering stage of your grow . As far as when to plant the peat pellets t is usually a little bit bigger than the one you have got like as soon as you can see a root from what i hear . I have never used them but once for cloning and they did not work for me . I just use a potting soil in a small container or solo cup . Also get a grow or 2 under your belt before you use something with no nutrients because it can be a lot of extra screwing around with things that can hurt your plant if not done properly. Before you anything else I would suggest he free download on here of the grow bible and the growers guide and read it it has a lot of great info on the different ways to grow and how to get a successful grow started
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Should I take the dome off and put the tray in the kitchen??? Also why not coco?? I’m growing in pots not in ground. I heard coco is a great medium. Which soil do u use for pots? How about food for them which I keep hearing??

S Dennaoui

Mmm why take the mesh off. I heard the mesh breaks down. Also as for soil, which one should I use??? I’m in Australia so can’t get the one u guys talk about, can’t remember the name lol

S Dennaoui

I would take the Dome off or put the ones that sprouted somewhere else they don’t need that much humidity right now

I’m not a fan of Coco I would use Miracle Grow for outdoors, or any basic soil from the Home supply store and would mix some horseshit with it, I would peel the mesh off the pots

  • good luck and let us know

If you decide to used blocked Coco coir , you want to flush it out with Ph water at the same ph range of hydroponic growing . Now also in Coco coir you must not let the medium dry out completely , can lead to defiencies due to coco not having any micro organisms in the medium verses Fox Farms , Miracle Grow Moisture Control , Natures Care are Promix Sunshine #4 , Coco coir is a neutral soil less medium and has no traces of iron nor calcium in the N.P.K. Balance at all so you will have to apply it with feedings are watering . But you want to flush your Coco first and stabilize the PH to about 5.5-5.8 for seedlings , than in vegging you want to keep it about 5.8-6.0 thru out vegging and in flower you bring it up to about 6.0-6.2 and never let the Coco dry out completely , keep it moist but not to wet and you should get vigorous growth as to hydroponic growth . Now what pot size are you plan on using , cause you might want to add at least 40% perlite to help from becoming to compacted later in growing , plus perlite has some trace elements of calcium but not enough that you will still need to add manually with feedings and watering sat about 2.5 ml per half gallon to .5 ml per gallon after you start vegging and throughout flowering as well , and add at least a forth of a cup of crushed dolomite lime as well if you plan on using 3 gallon pots . But here is what I used in my coco grow , 1/4 cup of crushed dolomite lime , almost half of a small bag of perlite and mixed in with the Coco after rinsed in a 5 gallon bucket and mix thoroughly . Once mixed , I added maybe 2-3 handfuls of Clayton rocks and mixed in as well , than I flush the Coco mix with 5.5 PH water and check the run off so you know what PH is coming out before you put any seedling in there so you know where to start , germ seed , transplant seedling into Coco pot and water only a half gallon to a 3 gallon pot every other day are when top layer of coco looks dry , but don’t over water you can drown your roots in coco cause of the retention to hold water and swell , follow that until the plant starts to drink more watering which should be late vegging going into the 12/12 switch to flower , always add 2.5 ml of Calmag to watering and nutrient feedings long as you watering with a half gallon , and when you start a full gallon add .5 ml of Calmag and again Coco coir should never dry out completely , and your PH range should stay in range of a hydroponic reservoir grow and you should do great if this make sense …Goid luck !!!

Wow that is way to difficult for me. I have my seed germinated. What is the easiest type of soil to grow my seedling. I don’t want to worry about feeding ect

S Dennaoui

Fox Farm Ocean Forext is good , Roots Organic is good , Promix Sunshine # 4 is great , um to used a super soil outside its many videos on YouTube on what to mix in certain amounts to balance out your N.P.K ratio , but the three I just mention does it all for you , so if you don’t plan on using base nutrients are liquid fertilizers or compost tea like Nectar for Gods which is really good for outside grows , than you will need a good compost super soil . I’ll invite a guy who has help me attain a lot of knowledge on soil @MacGyverStoner @garrigan62 these guys can give you a formula on how to mix your own super soil for all what the plants need for they whole life cycle .


Coco is for more advaced growers. IF you don’t know how to use it you stand to loose your plants.
I’m sure your local hardware story
will have what you’ll need.
But get soil with the least amount of nutrients in it for your seedings.
As @Oldstoner said place your nutrient soil in your pot then finish and let her grow into it.
ish it off with nutrient free soil.

Here are some very important links you should read before starting. Well before you transplant.

B Safe


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