What lights would you use?

I was going to get a different light for seedlings but changed my mind as these 2 are a little cheaper. I’ve already spent a boatload of money it seems like, lol. These lights might be cheaply made but I don’t care as long as they work, will these lights work for 2 or maybe 3 seedlings if so which one would you use. if giving a choice? Thanks

https://www.amazon.com/DuroLux-DL822N-Fluorescent-Lighting-Reflector/dp/B0721TG86M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1536101345&sr=8-2&keywords=t5+grow+lights+HO light%201


I don’t know how to delete a post, anyhow thanks for whoever would have helped lmao. I decided to go with LED for my seedlings as there are lots of good reviews.

That light is crap it will not work the t5 or the florescent light will work very well i use a 2ft florescent light sitting on a high humidity dome for my seedlings. I have 4 of those led lights and they are nothing but garbage they barely grow anything and make your seedlings spindly and fall over or take more than a month to get to 6 inches of growth.

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I try and use that same light for my seedling with bad results. My 600w turned on veg at 32" works 100% better

Sometimes, you’ve gotta give people a chance to find your post. :grinning: Hopefully, you can cancel your order?

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OK, what about this light? I just picked it up at my local Walmart for cheap.

walmart (dot) com/ip/Hyper-Tough-4-Ft-Led-Shop-Light-5000-Lm/345205251

It’s only for seedlings

No buy the florescent and get the full spectrum grow bulbs to go in it. I have a 2ft and a 4ft t12 bulb and they work great. If you want to get really technical you could get it to grow something but not very well

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