What lights to buy?

Hey everyone! My name is Aaron and I’m wanting to start growing soon, but have some questions. I’ll have all my questions scattered throughout the different sub categories, but this one is about lighting. I have a small closet space i want to use, that can fit 2 plants. I planned on just trying my luck with 2 plants at first, and expanding from there if they go well. I’ve been looking into lights, and i want to use a 600w HPS light. Is this a good idea? Would this be harmful to the plants in a small space? If it’s a good idea, where should i buy this light from? Any help appreciated! Thank you!

what size space,do you have ventilation,600 watt hps puts out a lot of heat. a lot of unknown

It’s a small closet; maybe 3x3, im at work but i can check when i get home. I have fans and the door can be opened and closed when it needs to be. Need any other info?

you should be fine as long as you can deal the heat

Ups has to be vented in big space , so you will have heat issues and humidity issues in a small space . You might want to go with CFL’S , LED , or T-5’s in a small space . If it’s just 2 plants , CFL will be great and not so pricey like LED lights . In small spaces adding CO2 your humidity can get ah lil tricky and with heat things will go south real fast , unless you can keep cool air condition in the closet space . But considering you can grow 4 autos compared to 2 females in a small space with the right conditions . Imitating climates indoors for plants is one of the biggest challenges for rookies and first time growers , you might want to try autos on 20-4 light schedules or 24 to kind of find your half medium or you will have growing issues or reduced yields with to much heat if they even grow at all .


First thing you need to do is download Roberts book. And read it.
I have 5 times and it’s an excellent reference tool also.
You can find it under Guides just scroll down and you’ll see it. Scroll down further to find even more info.

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Will how are you my brother , got two ladies topped for the second time on main lining , bought some sensi advance nutrients for bloom , will used Roberts grow and fox farm , going get some advance bud candy and another one I read on I can’t remember of hand for flavor and taste , but so far so good vegging . Next Friday is my day under the knife , hopefully I can managed enough to keep my new girls in shape and no defiencies . Not trying to make my yield bigger , but yet the flavor . I want that mouth watering Rib eye or Porter house kind of deal with this grow .

Yeah I read it once, i should read it again, but does it specify good places to get the light for a good price?


This is where I buy.


Just type in what light your looking for.

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Advance LED light is worth every nickel and has a full warranty for 3 years , they running a great sale right now but look up ice mud on YouTube and see how the lights work .