What lights for what confused bad please help


have 4x6 rooms one for veg and one for flowering.now i red blue lights for this red lights for this this many watts for this.ok let me explain smoked one to many i need u to keep it as simple as possible and even then i will ask again.simple simple please help :roll: 8-O what lights do i use for each room cheap as possible


Mh for veg hps for flower you could getaway with 600w but I would use 1000w but that’s just me I expect some too disagree everyone has their own way which appeals too them. But the more lumens the more buds as long as everything else is all good ( ventilation temps nutes ect) I’ve been very disappointed with CFl`s i have tried to use them twice and got nothing but small crappy light fluffy loose buds last four grows used hid in about the same space your talking about first two with 600w then went too 1000w had too use cool tbe and aircon cause I live in the dessert but with that combo I almost doubled yeild and potency
Hope that helped and made sense, I’ve had a few beers as it’s always good drinking weather here 40 degrees c and 70 to 98% humidity in wet season.


Ps T5 grow light for sprouting and cloning.


ok brendan thank u very much.but i have to ask because as i told u iam short a few BTU been burning to long.LOL ok 600 to 1000 watt for BOTH rooms.
thanks bill :lol:


last queston brendan how much does this add to eletric bill


Too easy dude if you use cfls you will need alot of them for anything half decent you want better than that you I we all want the best possible to get full potential out of your chosen strain so to get the best you want the best hid is way better it puts out far more lumens than any cfls say if you have a 600 w hps you will need more than 10 cfls and it still won’t compare in the end if you are after quality you only need 1 light instead of a shitload a lot of lights in the end will cost you more 1 hid light you willyeild more it will be better quality and in the end save you money because the buds will be bigger harder more potent therefore last you longer and if you sell some you won’t have to use a hell of alot to make up weight as you would light airy fluffy light buds. One decent hid light will cost you less in your power bill than a whole heap of clfs to not even get no near the same quality more lumens more yeild you will get more out of a 600w and even more out of a 1000w and you will need shitload more cfls than its worth. I hope this all makes sense as I have been drinking since 8:30am and now it’s 2:53am the next day. I will check this out after I’ve had a but of sleep and fix any errors I possibly have made as I have double vision at the moment im struggling to type the right keys


brendan lol not ? not sure what that meant.tryed to email u wont go thru


Good Advice. Make sure you have ventilation to exhaust the heat caused by 2-600 watt HID lamps. I use a 400 watt MH in the grow room, and a 1000 watt hortilux HPS in the flower room.

I also have 2 250 watt HPS to use for small grows or to use as a side light.

Last year I bought an Ipower digital auto0switch ballast and love it. It comes with an\ MH bulb “blue”, and an HPS bulb “red”; All you have to do is change the bulb. I love this system by Ipower. Bought off ebay.

Hope this helps


Floros are good for cloning/sprouting. I have to say, I bought a 260 Pro Grow LED, a technology that was in it’s infancy the last time I grew. I think the darn thing is really going to work, and work well. I’m in a 2’ x 2’ space, and with the 'poor-mans mylar), it is really well lit. Very low energy comsumption as opposed to HID. This going to be very interestng. Just four days in, I’ll post updates here, if anyone is interested. Be safe. Be happy. Be baked, because it’s 4/20! :wink:


Thanks latewood, and yeah anonymous keep us updated should be interesting


You are welcome. Thanks for choosing ILGM as your cultivation support choice. Peace