What lights do I get?


First time grower here. I am hoping to get some advise and guidance on lights for my soon to be grow space. The grow space is small cupboard, 154.5 high x 92.5 wide x 48.5 cm deep. I plan to grow two plants scrog in soil, both strawberry kush (fem) ordered off ILGM. From what I understand strawberry kush is indica dominant and will grow smaller and more denser compared to a Sativa strain.

Of course I’m looking at getting max yield in a small grow space. I have also ordered a 4" ventilation fan with carbon filter to install into the cupboard and I plan on running the outtake out the top. To encourage air circulation I plan on running a small oscillating fan, as-well-as installing two small air vents at the bottom. Slightly off topic but will the vents at the bottom of the cupboard be needed?

As for the lights I’m not sure what will be sufficient for the grow space. Listed are some options i’m looking at. (I would be happy to get either just one of these options or a mix.)

Option 1:
2x Reflectors, 2x 130w CFL (2700k) and 2x 130w CFL (6400k).

Option 2:
2x (Hydro22: T5 2ft 2-tube 48w) both fitted with 6400k lights. I would get an additional 4x 2700k T5’s for flower.

Option 3:
1x 400w HPS, 1x 400w MH, 1x Magnetic ballast, 1x Reflector

Any feedback welcome. Please Help!


First of all, welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:.

I will begin with the vent question. Yes it’s imperative that you have some :grinning:

For the lights question. It’s a no go for HID lights that will not have a vented hood in a small place like this (1’7"×3’×5’)

The first option is the better one for your space (the 130 W CFL)

Have you consider a full spectrum LED light ? They are more and more affortable and way more energy effecient. Less likely to have heat issues , and you gone a have more yielding too :grinning::wink:

Here’s one option :

Here’s another one :

Hoping that’s helping you @Dr.Greenstone

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Welcome to ILGM @Dr.Greenstone

@Niala and I think alike! ( LOL )! Good job Al!

There are a lot of options to consider on lights. I think it is really up to you and what you like. Bear in mind that LED panels use a lot less electricity over the long run and lights with transformers throw off a lot of heat for that small space!

The formula you need is
( in US 50 watts per sq foot)

or in US lets see if I get this right 3 ’ x 1.5’ = 4.5 sq feet x 50 watts psf is 225 watts. So there you have it.

IMO that is only enough room to grow one plant, but I see folks growing more than one in those spaces all of the time. You will def need to do a scrog or something though so they don’t grow so big that you run out of height.

As far as the bottom vents, yes you will definitely need them to allow for air circulation.

I would also HIGHLY recommend the following items:

a pH meter
ph UP & pH Down
a TDS meter
A hygrometer that also measures temps

Good luck. I’m sure my response will lead to more questions!


Hey bro, congrats on deciding to grow your own - I have done a F tone of research, bids, and buy it nows on ebay and all over the net in the past few months.
Your space is small, so if you live in a super cold country id say 300w dual spectrum, or an LED if your house isn’t an igloo, now led’s really don’t produce much heat… so you could get a decent one :slight_smile: and your space is reasonably tall so you won’t get laser burn.
When looking for LED’s remember a huge percentage of sellers lie about actual wattage - which counts for a lot.
Id advise bidding and getting a second hand one in good nick, I got a 182 actual watt for about 65usd!! which you would be amazed how good that is for the price.
Bid on anything cheap, get a wattage meter for 10 bucks and make sure its the wattage they said, if its not ask for a partial refund - because they will lie to you (I got a 300w actual, which was 108 watts…) a 500w actual that was 350w… so do watch out for it. peace bro, good luck, make sure you have EVERYTHING before you germinate any seeds haha - don’t make my mistake.


Welcome to the forum @Dr.Greenstone
I use leds my self and we all have our own preferences on light I use them to control heat issues
@Niala gave a few nice recommendations and both light have be used by growers here and he has some good charts on the subject as well think he posted on a chart thread ? He can link you to it or post some here if you ask him for it I’m sure
@McLovin777 made a few gods points as well on leds do your homework on what lights you but your space is small and you should consider the heat factors you’ll need ventilation as well good air flow is important
@bob31 is on point most of us aim for about 50 w per square foot and I believe 35 w is acceptable for leds


I recommend LED for their low environmental impact in manufacturing, disposal, and power usage. The heat factor is also a major consideration when picking your lights. I uses LED exclusively and have to have a heater in my room to maintain temperature.

A good rule of thumb is to hit 50W/sq foot, but, I have serious doubts as to the legitimacy of that old/generic rule when using LED due to their ability to be placed so close to the plant. Lumens are what you are really after: the more the better. But, when you look at lights, be mindful of how the lumens drop the further away you get.

Welcome to ILGM! We are happy to meet you!

Grow big. Grow healthy. But most of all… GROW PATIENTLY!


or be a smart arse and get some led’s and a low wattage MH/HPS - so that keeps your temp at what you want it and produces light, heater and light in one :slight_smile:


@Niala@bob31@McLovin777@Countryboyjvd1971@DissidentPriest Appreciate the advise guys. :+1:
Cheers for the welcome, happy to be amongst it. :smile:

LED’s seem to be the overall favourite, good news on electricity consumption and heat too. Taking aboard the advise I have made my verdict. I’ll be purchasing 2x Viparspectra 300w LED Full Spectrum.

@McLovin777 I did a little research on what you said about actual wattage, it looks as though per light 300w actual being 136 Watts. With the two this should put me in clear with watts psf? I hope I’m on the money with this one.

Has anyone used a Viparspectra light? Reviews seem to be pretty positive.

Also any idea on the lumens one of these lights will put out?

Can’t wait to start my grow and get everything set up. I feel like I have the basic’s down, but have only scraped the surface on how to produce quality yields from germination to harvest. Still a lot more research to do, questions to ask and so on. :sweat_smile:

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I use them and like them a lot. That is, I have buds and the lights seem to be working great :slight_smile:

I have 2 Viparspectra 900s

Just an fyi, ebay links aren’t allowed here.


@Matthew420 Cheers for the heads up, took the link down pretty quickly LOL

Have you had any problems with your Viparspectra so far?and have you been using them long?

Hope you can help :v:

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I saw that :slight_smile:

I’d say about 3 months. No issues at all. Runs pretty cool. Price is reasonable.

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@Dr.Greenstone I don’t use them myself but have only heard good things about them
And full spectrum you’ll be good entire grow
I’m sure you’ll be happy with them :+1:

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It’s a really good choice and they have great reviews​:+1::ok_hand: I personnaly using King plus LED light, so, I never used them…

They give more light penetration, have more intensity (lumens)

~Al :v: :innocent:


Looks like a good choice, and glad to be of service! I have heard good things about them, but do not use them myself. I found it cheaper and more fun to just build my own lighting.

A note about wattage:

When an LED advertises 300W, that is the equivalent light level it outputs. The actual wattage, which is always lower, is the wattage it draws. So, I have 10 28W (output) lights, but each light only draws 15W. See? You get way more bang for your buck with LED.