What light should I use for my 10' × 15' main grow room

A question of a fellow grower: I am going to have a 10’ × 15’ main grow room I want to go led what is the exact lights I need?


Your going to want to target 50watts per square foot of space
Your have a few choices on types
I use both led and cmh style fixtures with Phillips bulbs
I Veg under led and flower under cmh
Youll need to do some research on what will work best for your needs
I suggest Full spectrum led fixtures if you go that way
Join us there lots of info here on the forum


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I agree with my dear friend @Countryboyjvd1971

Dear customer, with some high end and top LED’s , you can go to a minimum of 35watt\sqf, but it’s gone a be very pricey…

For around 5000 watt to cover your 150 sqf expect to pay around 5000 USD$ for top quality LED’s fixtures

HLG quantum boards, Spectrum King, King Cob, just to name a few are in that category.

For lower end cheaper LED’s you have to go with the 50 watt\sqf

So, you’ll need around 7000 watt to cover your 150 sqf, expect to pay around a 1000 USD$ or a little less.

All China , USA, Korean made one low end cheaper ones enter in this category.

Be advised that those numbers are for “at the wall consumption” or true watt, not for “equivalent watt”.

You have also to take in consideration the PPFD , the overall light intensity to have a good light penetration through the canopy , you need a minimum of 500 PPFD, ideal between 600 and 800. Over this, between 900 and 1500 max, you’ll need CO2 injection of max 1200 ppm.

CMH and HID light are less expensive but required more often bulbs change and, especially HID lights, can make your growing space becoming pretty hot, so exhaust this excess of heat is a must. LED’s and CMH too, but at a lesser level.

Anyway, a bit confused… Why not join the Bergman’s Lab or the ILGM forums , you’ll find a lot of capable growers that are willing to share their knowledge…

In hope that’s responding to your questioning…

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