What light setting for my autos,

I have a fast question and everywhere I look I get a different answer. My light a led 600 watt I’m growing WW autos. My question is can I use both the Veg. And flower lights on at the same time for the life of the plant. Thanks in advance. Y’all have always gave me accurate and easy to understand advice and I appreciate it thanks to all of you.


I use the veg setting for the first week or so, once they get going I use veg and bloom for the rest of the grow… I just take it easy during sprout stage while they are most vulnerable…


You can do like @Ron330 mentioned
I would run them full for the whole grow myself
times you can go with 12/12 or 18/6
I start mine in 18/6 and switch to 12/12 just like photos my self once i see them start flowering
And welcome to the forum @Its420sumwhere


Thanks, And I had no idea about going down to 12/12 most of what I read said keep the same schedule. Thanks again especially for that tip. I’ve grown outdoors for years but this is my first indoor grow, Hope I can give y’all some outdoor help if I can cause y’all have sure helped me. 2 questions and several fast responses that all helped me out. Thanks again


Im sure youll be able to help others @Its420sumwhere there are new members every day and we all pay it forward as im sure you will also
I actually grew outdoors for years as well and came indoors a few years ago i still grow outdoors but indoors is my main focus now
I planning a wwa outdoor grow for this season speingbis a wewk away lol
Thinking 5-10 plants :+1::wink:
As far as times you can reduce them but never increase them :wink:

Thanks again country boy. If your a week away u must be from the Deep South, probably getting ready for turkey season too with a name like that lol. Y’all lucky. Iike you I’m still gonna do my outdoor grows it’s just turned into such a hassle growing outdoor where I’m from. You basically have to grow have 3 grows if you grow outdoors 1 for the blue boys 1 for the thiefs so and hopefully 1 for you. That’s my main reason for going inside. Can’t grow as many but not needed as yield is a lot better. I’m not looking to profit just want the meds for me and a couple old Army buddy’s that cannibus really helps. Hopefully legal here this year for at least Med.

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Im not in the South bother lol
Im actually from The great state of NY
Work in the city and live in the country hahaha
I grow indoors brother so i can harvest all year
I have my grow rooms going 24-7 365
I dont grow for profit either and only grow fir me and my mother inlaw
I will help out a friend or two who need a little something once in awhile but ill just gift the bud in that case
Screen name was a nick name i was given years back by a friend lol i just kept it going i grew up in a town with two traffic lights haha

I am from the south and you would fit right in bro. I’m from the bluegrass born and raised we have our problems but mostly good ol country folks for the most part, if you stay out of the city’s anyway lol.

Wow your home town had a traffic light !!! You grew up in a major city compared to me. Lol