What light schedule for flowering marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

From 10 days my plants are in 12hours on light and 12 hours on dark should i keep like this or i should switch to 16hours light and 8hours dark??

You got it backwards. 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness is for flowering. The other schedule 16/8 is for vegetative growth before flowering.

Go ahead and switch them to 16/8. Oooops. :slight_smile:

I am growing WW and SS in a 34W-32H-17D using 4 t5 flouresent bulbs and 1 40w spiral self ballast.My question is when should I flower? The plants are 7 to 8 inches, according to the bible I read 1 week veg is this right I realize this schedual if for a 400w sodium.

How big do you want the plants when they are finished?

More energy means more plants.

More energy means; Exhaust systems, and 24/7 attention.

What are you willing to give for your ultimate grow?

Unfortunately I am limited In height to the bottom of the light at its max height is 8" leaving 24" I have 4" pots leaving 20" the plants are 8" and starting to bush [nice].Also If you don’t mind? using 4T5 and 2 40w spiral grow lights ? is will it work. I can’t afford sodium yet .Can I put a light gel that lets in the right wavelength on these wee lights? thanks

I’m not sure what you mean about a light gel.

You can make your lights and small space work. Fluorescent lights work better than sodium in small spaces because you can let the plants get so much closer to the lights.

You are going to want to learn a lot about training to get the most out of your space:


Gels do not work for ag. :slight_smile: