What light cycle should be set for flowering and vegetative stages for auto flower plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What light cycle should be set for flowering and vegetative stages for auto flower plants. Also what pot size should I use for auto grow plants for maximum yield?

I’m not an auto grower; I do photo period. That said, you can run them up to 24/0 but most growers choose an 18/6 cycle for their plants regardless of auto or photo. You CAN go to a 12/12 schedule to force flower if you want but generally it’s not necessary to nudge auto flowers.

Most auto growers here use 3 gallon fabric pots.

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I would use between a 3-5 gallon fabric pot and I light mine 24/7 til I see the first pistils then I flip to 12/12 like any other flowering plant. But u can do any light cycle they don’t progress by light they are genetically predisposed to flower when they are ready. They start out in flower and veg if that makes sense. Good luck

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I love my autos I go from start 24 hours of light the first week after they pop out of soil then get my stretch where I’d like it if they stretched too much when I transplant I bury part of the stem to keep them up right and then I flip my lights to 12 on 12 off they will grow however they want to grow regardless if you do a 12 hour light cycle 8 hour light cycle or a 24 hour light cycle I’m still working on my cycles of the light seeing if there is one better than the other This is my conclusion so far 24 hours first week then 12/12 And I use a 2 gallon or 3 gallon cloth pot normally don’t go bigger than three Because I don’t need it if you water and feed correctly your roots will be happy because they only grow so big and I don’t like wasting soil