What legal recreational pot looks like


No laws are being broken in this picture.
These are ready to go to their home in the sunshine at a friends house and I still can’t really wrap my head around the fact that this is ok!
I live in ma, and my instinct was to hide them.


It’s great isn’t it.


And im still out here walkin the line so i can face each day with a smile instead of walkin the suicide aisle. womp


If only australia would get on board…


I know how you feel I still get paranoid but it’s completely legal lol


Truly dont think ill live to see it legal in texas.



You have a better chance than we do here in the bible State of Tenn


Dunno about that. They recently arrested a couple here giving their son cannabis for seizures. Since he started he hasnt had any seizures. Firm believers of no vices, no gambling, no weed. Many counties here dont allow alcohol as well. But you can openly carry a machette on the street. Cant wrap my head around it.


isn’t Mass great, just be careful, law change here on a dime. getting ready to put my 6 outside :+1:


The difference in attitudes is startling.
I really do feel for you folks in states that are still struggling with these laws. I know what it can be like.
I have many years invested in this “hobby”… :wink:


Oklahoma is up to vote on medical mj this week and the tv commercials are getting ridiculous saying people will be allowed to smoke it in restaurants and college kids will be allowed to grow it when you can’t even smoke a cigarette or e-cigarette in a restaurant or on a college campus.


The biggest problem I see with legalization of “medical” weed is that you are then on a gub’mint list somewhere - ready for some other right to be violated.


We have a few counties here in the great state of NC that are dry! Hard to believe. 10 yrs ago I lived in a dry county in Ga


Oklahoma just legalized medical last week. Maybe texas can get onboard!


And you have a better chance than we have in backwards Belgium…


Only real hope is for Trump to sign the bipartisan bill that ends federal blanket ban on marijuana, removes it from Schedule I and reverts power back to the states. Georgia politicians are too ^%$#@fied to stand against their “donors” and actually do right by their constituents…


Legalisation goes to the States, DC controls interstate transportation, and then allow licenced interstate transfer with the Treasury getting a tax per wholesale ton across state lines, which would allow certain States full control regarding medical and the distribution thereof, and the scariest part is Trump is the most likely candidate to do this because you know that there is no chance that someone who isn’t a career party puppet will be allowed to get the job after Trump.

This is your best shot, people, the chances of someone being in power who would enjoy annoying BOTH sides of the political fence again are miniscule. Time you got a decent, unified, campaign going.


Nice call, and he is way more strategic than the left gives him credit for. I look for it to start with the “opioid crisis” and removing weed from “Class I Narcotic” designation to enable research on the federal level. This will also alleviate banks from the fear of retribution - enabling more small business.

After which, the “banned” states will see the profits roiling in in the legal states.


Bottom line is he can sell it as returning powers to the States, a popular move to some, but IF they allowed and taxed the interstate distribution then that could be sold under increasing funding, via revenue raised from said taxation, to combat the likes of opioids, marching powder, meth, etc, as in the narcotics that cause the real damage to society. And that’s before we go into how much money would be saved in prosecutions for a few g every single year, a substantial sum.

Revenue is revenue and we know the promises made on the economy so every cent raised or saved will be critical in the next 2 years. Do it right, there could be quite a revenue stream available…


Also, decriminalizing would clear out a lot of prison space for those that need to be there. 3 strikes victims and whatnot especially.