What LED light to should I buy?

Looking to buy a new led light for my 2x4x5 tent.
Thinking of getting the FGI square light.

What are some of your suggestions?

I had to remove your link because they are not an approved vendor. Personally I would look for something more efficient and better designed for your space for $350. Horticulture lighting group qb 260xl kit would be better choice in that price range.


I bought a timber grow light

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I use a cree cob led. Seems to work well… If you were looking to add new lighting. But i hear good things about these QB. :smiley:

Oops, sorry I didn’t know.

Why the QB boards over FGI’s?

I love my Viparspectra PAR600w light. Ill have a 2nd one by Tuesday at the latest. I need a 3rd one due to having 16 sq foot grow room but it will be way to hot in the tent,

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I purchased this, it appears to be working well, what do you think.

roleadro 1000w led light.


This is the one I use.

It’s a bigger and more efficient light.

I have this and im adding a second one this week to finish out flowering. 3 COB led light. Pulls a little over 200w at the wall. Makes no noise even with 3 fans. The light runs cool, 92° measured where the led and frame meet, and low to mid 80’s on the rest of the unit. Plants seem to like them, you can see them in my journal.

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