What LED color spectrum for veg

Hello all
I have 3 2ft led light fixtures on a 2 plant (critical kush) grow container. They have a toggle for each whit,blue,red spectrum. I always used white and blue for veg growth and red for flowering, in growing hot peppers. In my short time here I have seen a lot of blurple pics and started wondering if I should have all 3 toggles on for veg thru flowering? These plants seem to be taking a while in veg.


Yes, full spectrum through all stages of growth will get your best results with those fixtures. :v:


Thank you I’ll make the switch to blurple when I get in.
Thanks again

Anytime dog!

I grow under a California Lightworks 550 Solar System LED and for veg settings they have recommended using R50 W99 B99. I haven’t gotten to run a full grow with the new addition of the controller, but right now I am growing Tangie’matic and Blue Dream’matic under this new setup so I’ll let ya let ya know how it goes! Only 15 days in. :v::heart::seedling:

Nice light setup! This is my first grow in about 2 decades so this my “first” attempt and learning curve. I’ll post back with results.