What kind of plant is this?

A question from a fellow grower:

“Can you tell me what kind of auto flower plant this is? It was gifted to me and I have no idea about it…Best guess”

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Marijuana! It’s Marijuana!


Well I would hope so, lol

More interested in anyone can put a name to it, so I know what I’m dealing with.


Welcome to the community, verifying plant strain would be hard to do. Take care of it finish it up good luck.

Look’s a little root bound. Kinda late for a transplant to a bigger pot.

Looks like it’s in a hydro setup @kevinpaquin54

My bad…just regained consciousness. Long nights sleep.

I’ll tell ya what, you finish it, cure it, then I’ll smoke it and tell you what it is!

green pot man.

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There’s literally thousands of strains out there, and i found that you can’t even go by the shape of the leafs
Maybe someone else around here can say if it looks more like a sativa or an indica dominant

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There’s no real way of telling.

She does look tall and spindly. She could probably use more light.

I’m a complete noob… but that looks a lot like the auto sour diesel I have growing now.