What kind of plant is this girl?

Still haven’t got any ideas on what kind of plant this is? I asked the same question a few months back but was hoping it would be easier to see know​:blush:. Got the seeds from a friend that also don’t know. Maybe one of you guys could tell me :relaxed:

Besides that this is how she looks like now☺

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@Thedanishguy I am in the same boat as I got seeds from a mate & I’m a 1st time grower. I am not a smoker but battle to sleep at night, so things are going to change. My missus is keen as she smoked when she was a little younger so I am looking forward to my 1st harvest. Took a pic this afternoon of one of the buds (close up) & opened a post about it in the beginner section. New to this site so taking in all the info I can get from the experienced people here.