What kind of green lights?

Hey everyone! I am building my grow room from scratch and have a couple of questions. I am in the process of running my electrical wiring. First question is, what kind of green light do I need to not interrupt my light cycle when I have to work on my plants? Second question is does anyone know how many LED lights I can put on one 15 amp breaker? Looks like the watts of an LED take up alot less of actual wattage used. I will have 300 watt LED lights.

I will post a pic of the lights I will have in the grow room.

That Green light should work. You can also buy LED lamps for DJ or bands that could be manual operated and set to green.

I do not interrupt my dark period even with green lamps. If I were you; I would google and do solid research before adding the wrong lamp and having a false sense of grow safety. Good Luck.


Thanks for the advice. I will look more into it.