What kind of eggs are these

Anyone know what kind of eggs these are? Outdoor plant, and I ve been super careful about inspecting leaves for pests. Only leaf I found them on. Been spraying with captain jacks weekly.


Hey brother those are Aphid eggs! Oh shit! u can do a Google lens, search, just to be sure,
And CONGRATS on your plant!!!
Very nice, WOW!!!

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Thanks, I did a lens search, and it didn’t come up with anything sensible. I’ll keep it sprayed, maybe it’ll head them off.

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Seriously, I would with (sterilized)
Scissors, go ahead and chop the
Infected leaves, it shouldn’t heart
Your plant, when I trim mine I stay one inch or more from the main stalk

Dexterado: I forgot to add, if ya can capture a praying mantis or
A few lady Bug’s, they are voracious bad bug eaters, and they will not harm your hard
Worked for investment

I second the aphid eggs :point_up_2: ik you have probably checked for more already but id check again then recheck another time. Pesty little buggers
Happy growin

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I have multiple times. I’ve looked at practically every leaf. I’m hoping that was an isolated case. And under the microscope they were wrinkled looking like they were kind of dried up, so maybe the dead bug I’ve been using is working. I find nothing live at all. Thanks.

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Shouldnt be a problem if they were dried looking. Jacks dead bug does work wonders! Im just a bit thorough on the bug checks :sweat_smile: plant looks really good tho :call_me_hand: