What kind of dirt can I buy from Home Depot for auto f

I just brought a 600 W LED light I’m about to take the seeds out the water to drop them in dirt today. My question is I have two switches on my light one for bloom and The other is for veggie state. Which which do I use first veggie or bloom

If in veg then veg and wen u put in flower then bloom

I don’t understand lol. I’m taking the seed out of the water so put my light on veg

Lol yes well it will not flower yet then will it so put on veg mate

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Ok I dropped them In the dirt and now the light is on veg. Thank you so much

17/18hrs on and rest off

Ok I gotcha :+1:t2:

You can if you like run both veg and Bloom switch on . It’s not going to hurt anything May cost you a little more on the power bill. Good luck

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Ok thank you and yeah it’s going to run my bill up huh😱

Very little you probably won’t even tell the difference.

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Lol my bill right now is only 50. How much do you think its going to jump

I doubt the light is actually 600 true watts so it probably will only raise your bill a dollar or two a month. The bigger question is how many seeds? Because like I said before that light probably not big enough for more than one plant two at absolute max.

I was doing 3 seeds. One each in 5 gallon buckets in a grow tent

You’re probably gonna need more light before you make it to flower. Which brand of light is it? Some are better than others but most of the Amazon lights are way exaggerated on what they will do.

I have a 600 Watt light from phlizon

Yeah it’s 100 watt light. You’ll probably need considerably more for 3 plants to have good dense buds. But if you want to do that might ask the light experts.

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LED lights

Yes I know they’re led. What type of light makes no difference in whether you have enough of it. It’s 100 watts of actual light. You need 50 watts per square foot of grow space for solid growth.

Wow for real. What do you recommend that is a good cheap light

The light you have isn’t bad. Its just not as good as they make it sound. How big is your grow space?