What kind of burn is this?

Seedling was doing fine until yesterday where i noticed it’s second leaves drooping.

Believe it’s nutrient burn, if so how should i treat it?

Looks like you might be overwatering a little bit seeing as she’s droopy with a “rippled” look on her leaves.

Also, are you feeding nutes? I would hold off until week 3 or 4. She shouldn’t really need much early on, but it also depends on your soil composition.


What kind of soil you using ?

Domed? Soil? How old? What lights?

not domed with 32W leds and fox farms happy frog, 1.5 weeks

FFHF w/ ocean forest all the way at the bottom

thanks for the insight. not using any nutes just fox farms soil

Put em under a clear Solo cup and they’ll be happy. First two weeks. 32 watt LED is perfect but likely responding to some hot spot in the HF.

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Spraying it with water daily?

yes usually 2x

ok thanks. should i be trying to mimic a humid environment through plastic bags/humidity domes with all of my seedlings?

Yeah stop doing that.

You’re over-watering. First let it dry up until the cup feels light (almost empty) and then water the soil with 4 oz of water and repeat as needed (every 3 or 4 days at that size). Wet/dry cycles is what the plant wants, not to be water-logged every day.

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got it thanks

Looks like over water a bit, stress point for the plant. Just water,

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