What kind of bug larva is this?

They look like little white worms.

I’m going to guess here and say white flys or knats without looking at your leaves to see symptoms. You need to treat it right away. How far along are they?

They are just starting pre flower

I’m sure more experienced ppl will comment shortly so I would say when u get it narrowed down for sure by looking at you leaves then treat them. Treat the soil and get some sticky traps to hang and sit in the plant in little sticks.

They are oily nat larvae… you are overwatering… I would mix up 1 gallon of water with a 32 oz bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water real good and let dry completely before watering again…
You can also cut a potato into quarters and place on top of the soil to get the nats to lay there eggs in the potatoes instead of your soil… when you see it full of worms discard and replace with a new potato chunk… :wink:



You really do need to change your watering practices though. You will have damping off issues and potential for root rot and pests. The larva will attack the roots IIRC.

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Yeah it’s been my main problem watering first was too little now too much. I’m unsure what to do. The plants are yellowing with brown spots and white spots but I have made them healthy again the worms are new.

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I have posted this on another thread. You can use a product called green cleaner. You can look at the instructions or product description to determine how much to use but my good friend swears by it. It is also okay to use in flower. This product actually has multiple purposes for different problems, mine is on the way now, just in case I need it.

As far as watering, are you having a difficult time determining how much to water without overwatering? If so, how exactly do you determine when to water and how much to use? Good luck and hang in there!! :+1:

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