What kind of bug is this? Predatory mite possibly? Should I treat?

QUESTION: Are these beneficial predatory mites? The ones that are good for plants and feed on spider mites? Or are these something else that I should get rid of? I’m thinking they could be aphids? But if it’s only a few, and I don’t believe they are bug eaters. Pic below! I would definitely appreciate any feedback from the community! Thanks!

I unfortunately have a situation where I had to transition an outdoor plant to indoors to finish up most of my flower period. I’m well aware how vulnerable my plant is to spider mites right now and my plant currently has a small spider mite problem…I’m currently treating with peroxide and tobacco tea, switching back and forth until the green cleaner I ordered off Amazon shows up. It’s the only organic solution I know of that guarantees to kill spider mites and eggs in all growth stages. I swear by this stuff!

While I’m waiting on my mite killer to ship, I need to use every opportunity to to keep spider mites controlled and becoming a bigger problem. I found a couple white bugs on my plant on the underside of some leaves that I’ve never seen before. Pic below. Question at beginning of post. Tnx again!

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@Lacewing you have any idea on this. Not sure if it is a good bug or a bad one I would get some Capt. Jack Dead Bug and spray her down at lights off.


The red light may distort the color but not by much the bug is a clear milky color…I’m going to get rid of it if I can confirm they are not spider mite eaters and don’t damage the plant

Looks like a Thrip to me


Leaf hopper… ? If it is it will leave little brown/tan spot on the leaves where he suckes the sugar out. Usually outdoors

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Looks like a thrip to me also …that longer brown line on its abdomen makes me think so …but it does have kind of a different head than a thrip …can’t be 100 percent sure

But I plugged it in here and


Could be right, i have seen a few brown spots on the leaves that I am not familiar with…always something knew to learn… thanks @bonger

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I’ve had them outdoors but they travel in small numbers it seems and don’t eat much

The leaves will look spotted like it has little burn spots all over it. It looks like a thrips Jack’s dead bug get the concentrate version so u can double down if needed