What kind of bug causes this damage?


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Is this from an outside grow?


It looks like it happened when you fimmed her… Seriously doubt it’s a bug issue… You Can Tell She’s had time to heal so to me makes me believe it happened when you fimmed her and you just didn’t realize it till now…



No it’s indoors

…that’s what DonaldJ said as well, I see this every blue moon and never a bug so I guess that’s what it is

… thanks gentlemen I appreciate the input

I have an old thread on here called world’s worst topper (I wasn’t kidding)LOL :v:


With that said, and if that’s the only place there is damage, I’d tend to think it’s human damaged. It probably started as a ripped leaf and grew with the leaf. Something on those lines…


Being an indoor grow and absolutely no bugs id wanna say ripped by person however that’s not always the case just cause you can’t see them doesn’t mean that aren’t their just my 2 cents.

Keep an eye on it if it happens again, than you know you have a bug infestation


I was having an issue due to low humidity. It was the wind that was causing leaves to rip and looked like bites. Could be that simple although further investigation may be required. The leaf itself looks healthy for sure.


I do have a big floor fan but it’s angled up and away

…that was the top that I missed on, so I’m thinking that it might be a rip, but I’ll keep an eye out, thanks for the input


Keep us informed, I’ll watch this post brother