What its the problem this time


Some problem but I want to here you guys out.

And my others have lost allmost all the green they are gellow

Please anyone

Can you give us pics of the whole plant under normal light. And please, fill out a support ticket. It’ll help us help you.

Sorry can not now but the vens is sharp I forgot what thats meen.

Like it was said a pic in natural light is better. Hard to diagnose a plant problem without the pic of a plant. It’s like throwing darts at a dart board blind folded.

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This is not in the grow space its in my kitchen under normal lamp.
And is all the info about strain so on so very important when the photo is so good?

They’re not saying the pic you have has bad lighting. And a pic of the whole plant tells us more. The ticket helps the experienced growers to better diagnose.

Again without a picture of the entire plants is like playing darts blind folded.

It’s like trying to describe a car problem over the phone. The mechanic absolutely needs the entire car to figure out the problem.

Sure you can guess, but more than likely the problem will still continue unchecked till it dies completely.

It’s like reading the first page of the book then skipping to the last page. You have no clue what went on in the middle.

You’ve been a member of this forum long enough to know this fact. Sorry I can’t help.


Yee you right I fix it.