What is your heaviest smoke you have grown?

Over the past 8 years , I’ve been growing strong thc plants, which has been great, up until this years crop , one of the strains I have called peyote gorilla, is a 26 %thx, now not sure how close to that I have got, but this is one strain that is to strong, for me, I can only have the smallest 2 cones , which probably wouldn’t add up to even 1 , and it knocks me on my arse ,every time.its only taken 42 years to find a smoke to do that to me, and this crop I have 6 plants 22%plus thx, I’m scared.lol


You’ll find different answers to this, even low THC strains knock people down. It just depends on the type of terpenes that are present, and kinds of cannabinoids. @Coltfire


I’ve got a gorilla zkittlez I produce it’s 24% and has that nice knock your socks, blow your wig back smoke to it


I’d have to say, White Widow is still my go to. It really calms down. Northern Lights is a close 2nd. This may all change though once I try Jack Herer and home grown OG Kush.

I’ve had a few of these new vape cartridges and wow like hitting a brick wall. It’s bad when a heavy thc smoker like myself has to pull over and let the wife drive home lololl (they don’t count though because I didn’t grow them :wink:)


@Covertgrower but what in your experience has been your strongest indica and sativa?

@DoomSack whos Northern lights?

So far my favorite sativa has been northern lights Haze, ok well there was another sativa but were unsure of what strain it was possibly texada timewarp.

Indica I smoked one batch of pineapple kush and it was absolutely bomb, then I tried it twice more and it was bunk… So dono wtf happened.
So I’m going to say northern lights (I’m growing it now for the first time)

@Nicky I’ve only grown ILGM’s Northern Lights Auto, 90% indica, but the do have fem seeds here too.

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Unfortunately as a Canadian I can’t get ilgm seeds… I’m growing sensi seeds auto NL :crossed_fingers:
After researching a bunch I feel that it’s a good choice as their regular strain is often reported as one of the closest to pure NL

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OG Kush was awesome, followed by, Girl Scout cookies has been the best indica hybrid. 60:40.
Maui Wowie or Durban Poison tops the list for Sativa’s.
I did vape an unknown street weed that was extremely lemony, wow, I actually called my better half FREAKING out and told her to come pick me up. Lmao. In the end, I was okay, but I was at work at the time… I continued to work, but I was just painting, so I was able to sort of focus on that. @Nicky
Speaking of, I think I have a seed from it, but I don’t know which one it is out of the 6…


I’ll agree I’ve had some Maui that had kept me pretty buzzy for multiple hours.
But not this legal stuff, man almost all the legal stuff is bunk it doesn’t smell very good and it gets you high but it’s not a good enough high. Ide rather smoke my weak cbd strains then their green crack, Maui wowie, NL etc etc all their stuff just is lacking.

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From a dispensary? I got some lucy diamond from a dispensary a year ago and the smoke was good enough, but it was wet flower and I felt ripped off. I’ve still got an unopened 1/8th.

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Canadian Dispensarys are controlled sooooo much stricter than us ones I’m pretty sure. But yeah from one of the big monsters only like 10 producers in the country sell to the recreational market at legal places.
Ours is dry as a popcorn fart so you probably get a bit more but it’s not cured I swear and probably heat dried… Dono wtf they are doing

Actually, the seal was broken. I may have gotten into it for a hit at some point. It is very potent.

I bought this in August 2018 and it’s still a little wet. Really disappointing.

Yeah see ours come in standard plastic jars that are child proof like pill bottles and have a sent blocking material layered in between the plastic layers. It comes sealed with a tamper proof seal, it’s about 50$ for 3.5g or 8-15$ a joint.

Ps my favorite sativa was legal weed actually lol
They can’t use strain names though so they make up their own, it’s northern lights haze

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That was my one and only dispensary purchase. I think I paid $65 US each for 2 1/8ths, wet. The weed was stellar though.

I can’t find that strain any more (it was called lucy diamond.) It was really smelly. The smell is still powerful just opening the Ball jar that I have it in. Has to be loaded with terps.

@FlxerPower I just googled Lucy diamond , it is still out there, and at 20/25 thc I can see why it rocked you., I will put that one on next season’s list of seeds to buy.

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@Coltfire I dragged the Lucy Diamond bud out for a hit and started playing around with my microscope.

Here’s a shot of a piece of flower. Absolutely loaded with trichomes.


Looks great, altho if you get it into focus a bit it appears to be a real frost monster. :+1:

Yeah, the camera isn’t all that great. I can only focus in on small areas. If there is a contour that changes the distance from the lens, then it puts that area out of focus.

Wow , now that’s Definitely on my list for next season. @FlxerPower.do you know the thc%?

The package isn’t marked with THC %. I’d guess in the low 20s. It will rock you.