What is your favorite strain for butter

What is your favorite strain for making Cannabutter and why?

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I made some from Godfather OG.I make it with all the bud trim leaves.
I make brownies with it.let me tell you,if your not doing something like sitting -down when you stand up.BAM your going to crash.
I used ,Ghirardelli brownie mix(the best IMO) 2/3 oil(butter or infused coconut oil)and 2/3 coffee(I like espresso) instead of water.and an extra egg(makes them more cake like).they freeze great,too.


I never really even considered using a specific strain for butter or edibles. I just use the popcorn buds and larf from my entire grow, along with some high quality trim. It definitely makes some really potent butter!


I found out making butter out of Indica would make the effects more mellowing.
In the past I have used Sativa and that produced a more energetic result with a major crash after the first hour.where as the Indica was a more mellow effect from beginning to end.
I was wondering if anyone else saw these effects hence my question.


The effect of your oil will be based alot on when the trichomes are harvested. Lots of amber will leave you on the couch and lots of clear trichomes will make you speedy.


I just throw everything in a freezer bag. It was what kids called a “suicide” by mixing a bunch of soda pops together!

The family enjoyed the brownies.