What is your favorite strain at the moment (growing & smoking)

Hey all!

I’d love to get a pulse on what people are enjoying at this point in 2018.

Strain / Growing / Consuming / Location (optional)
Super Silver Haze / Y / Y / MA


I am currently enjoying ILGM’s LA Confidential fem strain - six jars of buds, a jar of infused coconut oil, and a an ml of concentrate. It was veg’d outdoors over the summer, flowered indoors, and harvested this October. I am a Massachusetts grower and enjoying our freedom!

I am working on ILGM Maui Wowies and Gold Leafs, both fem’s, both indoors.


Lucky! Our outdoors were started indoors and then vegged and flowered outdoors here in MA. Our last plant was harvested at the end of October. Something of a lackluster harvest. :neutral_face:

I was going to finish them outdoors, but had two issues.

They had lost their inconspicuousness within my garden. I didn’t have any inconspicuous spots that weren’t in the shade most of the day.

The second was watching one of my two white widow autos, which started flowering mid-July, get annihilated by bud rot in the MA humidity and cool nights.

I brought them in and then fought aphids, mites, and bud-rot anyway and lost some plant (lackluster, yes), but enough to bridge me until my January MW harvest.


I just harvested 4 Northern Lights photo plants. I grow strictly indoors due to legality. I love the smoke. Smooth, citrus and earth. Came out at 18% THC. It’s a pain relief beast and makes you sleep like a coma.


4 White Widow girls harvested yesterday, grown outdoors.
Currently smoking my WWA harvest from my July grow.


Are there buds with two distinct colors? That’s what it looks like.


Chronic Widow hands down @MassMedicinals.

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Green crack is my choice amongst favorites. I give a 8+ for me. From smell to taste to high produced.


One plant turned purple due to colder night temps. Friends thought it was Black Widow :joy::sunglasses:.


I agree. I grew the northern lights autoflower. I love it! Tucks me into bed every night. I taste that citrus like earthy and slightly like piney…in a good way. Tastes so good. I’d love to try a photo one day


Only one i had made it to harvest was Berry Bomb Auto. Freaking AMAZING strain. I plan on getting a pocket full of those seeds regular and setting up a chamber to smoke it INDEFINITELY :joy::joy:.


Just finished up my harvest here in NW Indiana. Super Silver Haze during the day, all day. GSCE after hours.


Just curious how did you get the THC concentration? Northern Lights is a proven winner in my opinion!

Not heard of that strain

That one is super popular right now for sativa fans.

Sorry to hear that you didn’t get all your plants to full term. Ours didn’t really get there this outdoor season either. And it’s been a pain in the butt trying to IWE the juvenile buds and sugar leaf.

Yea. It was a rough first year but i learnd tons! This 2nd round i have more green material on one plant then my whole tank when i flipped em

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I have a scope and ap for my phone that analyzing it.

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Seriously?!?! How tf does that work??