What is your favorite online store for grow supplies?


Hi all,

we all know sites like Amazon and Dealzer who offer grow supplies like lighting, tents, nutes, etc.

I’m working a little project at the moment and would love to know what other sites do you guys love to shop at for your grow supplies?

We’re giving away 1x $100 voucher among the answers so let me know below!







Arrow Electronics for lighting.


I use the diamond cut co. when I need trimming scissors. I’ve visited other sites like HTG and hydrobuilder for hydro and grow supplies.


GrowersLights and Horticulture Lighting Group for LED lights


For a national company or international
Ive used Walmart online for grow supplies and equipment they have lights tents fan carbon filter etc
Much of the grow supplies (nutrients and soil ) are sold threw a third party providers

For bongs pipes etc i use a online head shop called dank stop based out of NJ


I use the Toronto Hemp Company (THC) They are all things Cannabis, head shop, and grow store. Love this place. Going there today.


is definitely up there in the gaining popularity standings with many people leaning towards DIY LEDs
The bay of E (ebay) is quite reliable for us Canadians and UK, Aus growers with the added bonus they don’t sell or advertise competitor seeds :wink:


marijuana is only legal in my state medicinally, there aren’t many stores to visit with growing products. I mostly do mail order unless it’s a heavy or large item, like a big bale of Pro Mix or a big bag of perlite, I’ll visit local small hardware/garden shops and then the big box places like Home Depot.

for fast delivery on harder to get items, Amazon always works for me, 2 day guaranteed delivery and if they fail, an added month to our Amazon Prime account (it’s happened twice). I’ve had great success with Amazon and third party providers.

ebay usually shines for competitive pricing but shipping can be slower, much slower if you don’t notice and it’s coming from China. I always check seller feedback.

I have bought Fox Farm soil from Wal Mart and had it delivered to a local store for pick up and that was easy.

I’d love to build an LED light but I never have enough cash and the technology is evolving…I’m waiting for integrated moon light after reading the last e-mail from Robert :wink:


Lmao I live in snow barren wilderness I am usually pleased if anything shipped to me gets here in under a month Amazon usually gets tied up at boarder for this reason or that. Free or speedy shipping comes at a cost. I do indeed favor local economy for convenience but when in no rush or item is hard to locate I do order online


With those 2 exceptions I’d have to go with ebay on line or Walmart when they have a deal on something.


Home depot & wallyworld for me


Most of my supplies are got at menards but I have also started looking at our local nursery for things. I have also used specs pet supply for ph up and down


Hydrofarm is a good all around shopping… @ILGM.Support.Roy
i have a 1.5’’ thick catalog of their products,if i want to brouse the old fashon way. everything listed online at their website too…my local grow store uses them,


The same for me here. Everything I have is from Hydrofarm and purchased at my local hydro store.


So far I have used Home Depot, amazon, Wal-Mart, and a local place called the bubbling bucket.


I rely heavily on Amazon just for convenience, but if I can find things locally I shop at Home Depot or Lowes. Then, of course, I shop at tiny, local head shops in the east village for all my smoking equipment.


I like rapid led. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. They always have some kind of 10% off deal and shipping is fast and free over a certain amount.

And yes rest of the supplies are very easy to find on Amazon.