What is your dream set up?


So I have been a lurker here for about a year, finally signed up. Thanks for having a new guy. I have only outdoor grown, and that didnt go well but the girls didnt get the attention they needed being not legal at the time.

Oklahoma is on its way to Medical, yeah!!!

What would be a dream setup that I wont have to worry about for at least 2 years? Space/height is not a factor as I already own a shop(30x40x12) in the country 2 miles from pavement with about half of usable space, more if needed. Nearest neighbor is 2 miles.


2 miles!!! Can I move in with you? Joking…but…congrats on getting partial Freedom in Oklahoma. Wish Texas was the same. Home Depot is online stocking lots of grow supplies. Even Wally world has started stocking hydro nutes in stores…more online only.

A grow tent is a good option. But, you could also hang mylar off 1" pvc frames to get light reflection.
I am a big fan of bubbler buckets. The roots explode and fill 5 gallon buckets quickly. More roots=more fruit. However, it requires…daily ph readings and light nutes.
Heat will be a problem. If contained as in grow tent…major issue. If open not so much…but then it’s summertime. Hot plants grow very tall and skinny…less flower.
If you go with soil media in pots…less touchy. But, heat still a factor.
suggest you buy all same strain, ph n ppm meters and temperature gauge to monitor and adjust as needed. Same strain will keep things from getting too complicated.


For lights, I’d either build your own led or do a combination of cmh and hps


Really depends on what you want to do. People have big aspirations to grow in rooms and harvest pounds at a time, but it’s usually not as easy as it looks. In my opinion you’d be better off moving to small space and trying to do it well if going indoors. Once you get your feet wet then see what you’d like to change before going big.

It’s seems to be that people struggle moving inside from outside or outside from inside. Not really sure why, as I’ve only grown indoors. But you can and probably will spend a small fortune getting an indoor grow setup properly. I would just say to do research, and spend your money wisely. It’s likely that any shortcuts you take will eventually lead to you replacing. A pound per 4x4 is reasonable harvest expectation for someone with a little experience and decent equipment. Depending on plant count and veg time you can plan to harvest a single space 2-4 times a year. If you grow perpetually with multiple spaces like 6 times a year with short flowering strains.

That being said, I would start with something like 3x3 and about 300 watts of good led lighting. Grab something like a 6” ac infinity fan and a decent carbon filter. From there, depends on whether you wanna go soil, soilless, or hydro.


I went from soil to a dwc system to a rdwc system but started with a dwc to get feet wet in hydro was a disappointment then I went to rdwc and omg it is the best I will never go back to soil unless I am going to grow outside


@greenweed a 3 light rotation is always fun alot of trimming tho :grin: i can get 22oz off 11 ww in a 4x4 with a 600 digital ballast. I veg with a 4 cob led. By breaking up the grow into 3 or 4 spaces the chances of a pest outbreak is reduced. @dbrn32 what would u say is a good yield from a led in a 4x4? And would any of the mars hydro be good for a 4x4 ? I know ur all about building them im just limited to what i can get here


@BigDaddyCain ur right about that ive been a soil grower for a while now but started a rdwc system too and i cant believe how fast they grow and how healthy they look


@Bogleg just harvested something like 19 oz from a 4x4 that had some open space in it. I do believe he’s an exceptional grower and has too notch equipment, but I also believe he’ll do better than the 19 oz too.

The mars lights will grow weed, but if you’re looking to maximize your square footage I would stay away from them. Where are you at?


Close to australia😁 @dbrn32 im just paranoid about any parcels coming with the words grow lights written on them id rather drive 2 or 3 hours to a grow shop than get it sent.


Cutter electronics is in Australia, they have top notch led components. I’m sure Mark would take care of any packaging needs you have. He probably already does.


100,000 Acers to plant on and use all of the land


@dbrn32 @Hogmaster im actualy across the ditch from there in newzealand


Right on, i should’ve guessed that. Same being, wouldn’t be difficult to get things from cutter in Australia right? That’s if you’re up to building. If you’re not up to building, I may try reaching out to him anyway. He may have a few test fixtures built, and maybe you can cut some sort of s deal with him to document your grows with his lights and he’ll hook you up.

I know if I was trying to sell lights, I’d dontate a couple to people who I thought would promote my product well. Just sayin :wink:


Cheers for that @dbrn32 il look them up on my next days off :ok_hand:


My dream set up (with current living and income constraints), would/will have a flower room, a veg room, a propagation room, and a breeding room. That will initially mean 4 separate tents/spaces, but some day it will mean finishing half my basement.

I figure on this last harvest with 600 true watts (COBs) I harvested 536 grams. There a plenty of people reporting 1g per watt… and that is where I personally would like to get. I think the plant I have in the flower tent right now can get me there. I didn’t SCROG one of my last two plants so as @dbrn32 said, I didn’t have the tent completely full.

I have more weed than I know what to do with right now - mostly in strains I can’t/won’t smoke daily… so my dream set up is going to be more about efficiency than yield going forward, but with an eye towards flexibility and breeding.


@Bogleg were they soil grow? Thats impresive


Negative - DWC… in the harvest I referenced above it was using 8 gallon totes.


Ive got a 4 pot rdwc system that i want to scrog over but im worried that the roots will find their way down the tube and cause a blockage


I have been reading thru the build of LED’s but got distracted (oh shiny…) will get back to that thread. still need some prebuilt lights to get started with. Is heat a major factor with LED?
Daily attention will not be a problem, now disabled so I just day work when I feel well enough.


RDWC was on my agenda but I’ve decided to switch up to an ebb and flow system instead… the SCROG I have going right now in DWC will be my last big plant for awhile… gonna try this SOG thing out with mothers and clones in a 3x3 flood tray. I have all the parts to build an under current style system using 1.5" PVC, but my main concern was exactly what you just articulated. I’m sure I’ll come back around to it, but it just seems like the ebb and flow system is way easier to set up and deal with… but I haven’t used it yet so who knows. :slight_smile: I’ll find out in a few months.