What is wrong with this plant?

A question from a fellow grower:

I don’t see any plant… Sorry


@garrigan62 A lot of pictures have been loading like that last day or so for some reason Will, if you tap the picture the whole thing opens up

Oh. Ok Ill Check that out Thank You Sir


I’m sorry I got the pic but what’s the question I just don’t see it. Sorry for being a pain in the s… But I really to want to help


The plant is drooping over. I think its damping off. Is there anything I can do to save it?

…that was my first impression too but Will has a sharper eye than me @garrigan62

It seems to be leaning to the right. Is that where your light is ?
Also take some soil and bring it up to where it bends this will help support it.
If the light is to the right then move it straight above it say 4 6 inches above
That should do it.


its not in the picture ?
is that the problem ? :slight_smile:

Where is the light is it off to the side it looks like the plant is leaning in to the light

Any help with diagnosing the brown spots?