What is wrong with this plant


ok this was a week ago. I’m growing it in a 3 gallon fabric pot it’s white widow the ph runoff is 5.8 and ppm runoff was 960. I have 4 of the WW and 3 look great and it is just this one that is doing bad. I was told it might be over watering and in between watering it starts looking better than starts looking bad before the next watering

image this is today and I’m going to water it today and try to get the ppm higher I’m just wondering if I might need to water it more

I see a lot of things that it could be. @garrigan62 what do you think?

Please fill out a support ticket. If you don’t know the answer to everything, that’s okay.

Seed Strain: White Widow
Type(Normal, Feminized, Autoflower):
Medium(soil in pots, DWC, Coco):
pH of water/solution before feeding:
pH of runoff in reservoir:
EC or PPM of water/solution before feeding:
EC or PPM of runoff in reservoir:
Indoor or Outdoor grow:
Light system(CFL, HID, LED):
Light power(if LED: actual watts, not advertised):
Temperature(Day and Night):
Humidity(Day and Night):
Ventilation system(Yes, No, Size, CFM):

As far as watering goes, let your soil get dry before watering. Don’t go by the number of days between watering - go by the dryness.

Have you checked under leaves for bugs?

Seed Strain: White Widow
Type Feminized,
Medium(soil in 3 gallon fiber pots,
pH of water 6.3
pH of runoff 5.8
EC or PPM of water/solution before feeding: 494
EC or PPM of runoff in reservoir: 963
Indoor or Outdoor grow: indoor
Light system(CFL, HID, LED): LED
Light power(if LED: actual watts, not advertised): it says 600watt
Temperature(Day and Night): 65
Humidity(Day and Night): 60
Ventilation system(Yes, No, Size, CFM): yes 4”. Ok here it is

If there were bugs I’d think they would be on the other plants that are doing great

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If you’re growing in soil, and not a soiless mix, you need to find out why your PH runoff is dropping to 5.8. That’s way too low for soil. Ph in and out needs to be between 6.3 & 6.8


I have no idea y it drops but I lose .5 each time I water

Mighty mites colonize one plant then move to another until they eat everything! I think it looks like sunburn anyway, possibly too much light?

I’ll try moving the lights up and see if that helps. You think it might be in to small of a pot?

it’s 7” from the light I just looked with the loop and didn’t see any bugs

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this is the other plant in the same tent and watered the same way

Too small a pot won’t look that bad and they’ll dry out pretty fast, noticeably fast, look on the underside of the leaves for mites and their eggs along the veins.
7 inches seems too close, what does the light manufacturer recommend? I use CMH and they’re 16"+ from the top of the canopy and on light movers!

It’s a phlizon 600watt light I’ll look it up. I looked under the leaves with a jewelers loop and didn’t see anything

Okay - FYI, that is a 108 watt light in reality.
Just as a starting point, I’d suggest raising it to 20 inches above the canopy. See how things go for a week, then adjust as necessary.


What brand/mix of soil are you running, by the way?

Good deal I’ll do that I hope it fixes it it was a nice plant and being this is my first grow I know I will not be getting a good yeald but I need to learn

it seemed to keep them fertilized thru veg but I have meters now to keep a better eye on them

Okay. Based on all the feces in that mix, I bet it’s pretty heavy in nitrogen and phosphorus. You probably don’t want to add any nutrients until it’s into the flowering stage or shows a nutrient deficiency, but I’ll defer to the soil experts on here to analyze and address that.

For anyone else taking a look, here is the link to the soil being used.
Key items on that page:
This living soil is water-only.
blend of worm castings, steer manure, and chicken compost