What is wrong with these plants?

I have a GG auto that is the biggest of all my plants whose fan leaves have been first getting speckled then losing green and then yellowing.

What seemed really unusual was how most of the upper leaves were passed over only to have one of the top fan/cola leaves yellow.

This is the end of week 5 of flowering.

I added a full dose of FF bush dr. a few days ago and it seemed to be working for a couple days but seemingly overnight more yellowing occurred.
Not sure if it’s bc this plant has a greater demand for nutes and i’m not giving it enough or something else is going on?

It’s been pretty hot the past few days but they’ve been well hydrated throughout.
I have been spraying daily with a soap nut solution to prevent infestations.

Please offer any assistance if you can

Looks like you might have spider mites I would try looking under leaves to see if that’s what it is you might need magnification


Id say check under over and on the sides of everything. Looks like pest marks to me also. Spider mites is most likely from looks. A magnifying glass or jewellers loupe will be needed as the bugs are microscopic small lol.


ok i was going to use a neem oil solution. should i apply it to the leaves and soil? just making sure to avoid the buds

I would not use neem oil. Captain jacks dead bug. In flower id avoid neem period.


Neem oil stays in the flowers. Use Capt Jacks Dead Bug. Also, if you use a flash light shining down on to the leaves, and you look up from under, this gives you a much better visual of what could potentially be on the leaves.


ok great thanks. should i removing the yellow fan leaves or leaving them ?